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A horizontal bead mill is common grinding machine equipment, mainly used for wet grinding of agrochemical, ink, electronic paste, and other materials. Bead mills are not only horizontal bead mills but can be divided into horizontal bead mills, basket bead mills, and vertical bead mills according to their performance.

The horizontal bead mill is mainly composed of the body, the mill barrel, the grinding disc (rod), the grinding medium, the motor, and the feed pump, and the feed speed is controlled by the feed pump. When using a horizontal bead mill to grind materials, it is necessary to use the interaction of grinding media. The grinding media are generally divided into zirconia beads, glass beads, zirconium silicate beads, etc.

The main points of horizontal bead mill grinding media:

1. Horizontal bead mill medium and its carrying capacity: glass balls, zirconia balls, and steel balls can be used as grinding media for the grinding machine, and each medium should be cleaned and screened before being loaded into a cylinder with uniform particle size. When grinding, the medium should be selected according to the dispersion fineness and viscosity of the grinding material. The principle is: the harder the material, the harder the medium selection; the finer the product requirements, the finer the medium particle size, the greater the corresponding bearing capacity; the larger the grinding material particle size, the larger the medium particle size. The bearing capacity of the grinding medium of the horizontal bead mill is about 85% of the cylinder volume. The specific loading amount should be determined according to the particle size of the medium, the sensitivity of the material to temperature, and the type of material.

2. For the medium load of the horizontal bead mill:if the temperature is too high, the load should be reduced and the grinding temperature should be controlled within the ideal temperature range. If the outlet temperature of the product is too low, consider increasing the medium gradually before increasing the speed to improve efficiency.

3. The service life of the medium of the horizontal bead mill: In order to achieve good grinding efficiency, the medium should be replaced and added in time when using, to remove its broken and incomplete parts, and supplement the corresponding new medium. The service life should be explored according to the variety of different materials and replaced in time.

Reasons Affecting the Durability of Bead Mills

1. Material viscosity: It is recommended to increase the material viscosity as much as possible in the allowable environment to reduce wear.

2. Speed: The higher the speed of the dispersing shaft, the faster the wear.

3. No-load: When cleaning the cylinder medium, try to shorten the time as much as possible, and do not drive empty before no material enters the cylinder.

4. The dispersibility of the material itself: the high hardness of the material itself not only affects the life of the grinding medium but also affects the life of the cylinder and the dispersion disc.

In short, as long as you master the key points of using the medium of the horizontal bead mill and pay attention to it in daily operation, you can prolong the service life of the mill.

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