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sand millThe sand mill machine is a wet superfine grinding equipment, which is developed from the ball mill and is widely used in the production process of superfine powder (sub-micron powder). sand mill machines have different classification methods: according to the structure and shape of the mixing shaft, it can be divided into disc type, rod type, and rod-disc type (that is, bump type). According to the layout of the grinding cylinder, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. According to the volume of the cylinder, it can be divided into the laboratory, small, medium, large, and super large.

The sand mill machine adopts the eccentric disc grinding structure and is arranged in a certain order. This system overcomes the shortcomings of the uneven distribution of the grinding media of the traditional grinding machine so that the grinding media can get the maximum energy transfer and the grinding efficiency is high.

The sand mill machine adopts a double end face with a forced cooling mechanical seal, which has a good sealing effect and reliable operation. The separation system adopts a large-flow LDC dynamic grating-slit separator. Under large-flow conditions, the discharge port will not be blocked, and the flow area is large. The gap range is 0.05-2.0mm, so the grinding media of the sand mill machine can be more than 0.1mm.

The sand mill machine adopts disc type or pin type, closed cavity design, and the grinding disc is installed on the stirring shaft in a certain order, which overcomes the shortcomings of uneven distribution of grinding media and poor particle size distribution after grinding in traditional horizontal sand mill machines. The material enters the grinding chamber under the action of the feed pump. The inlet is designed at one end of the drive connection flange. The flow direction of the material is opposite to the bottom end of the mechanical bearing, which greatly reduces the pressure on the mechanical seal and prolongs its service life. In the high-speed operation of the eccentric disk of the stirring shaft, the mixture of the material and the grinding medium undergoes high-efficiency relative movement. As a result, the solid particles of the material are effectively dispersed, sheared, and ground and the final product is obtained after the dynamic large-flow rotor gap separation filter. Depending on the product grinding process, the sand mill machine can adopt independent batch cyclic grinding and tandem grinding processes.

Agitator sand mill machine with the horizontal grinding chamber for continuous dispersion and fine wet-milling of semi-liquid to highly viscous, pumpable products.

The sand mill machine output depends on the product and the required fineness and lies between 100 -700kg/h.

The necessary energy for dispersion and grinding is transmitted to the grinding beads via easily exchangeable agitator discs mounted on an agitator shaft. The material to be milled is constantly fed into the sand mill machine by a separate product pump.

A dynamic gap separator retains the grinding beads inside the sand mill machine. which efficiency is determined by the energy input to the grinding chamber and the optimal exploitation of this energy for the dispersion and grinding process. Because of its optimal geometry, the grinding chamber of the sand mill machine achieves a high degree of efficiency.

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