Vertical sand mill

vertical sand millVertical sand mills are mainly used in batteries, digital consumables, ceramic materials, mineral pigments, rare earth materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutical preparations, and other industries. For the grinding of materials, vertical sand mills have a very strong role, not only high efficiency, advanced, Because its own grinding cavity is relatively narrow and the gap between the levers is small, with the cooling system and control system of the sand mill, the production efficiency of the entire production line can be improved many times.

The energy of grinding is very intensive, continuous processing can also be achieved, and the material can also be continuously ground and discharged. The components of the sand mill are very simple, mainly composed of the body, the grinding cylinder, the sand grinding disc (lever), the grinding medium, the motor, and the feeding pump. The production efficiency of the sand mill can be self-adjusted, not only by feeding The speed of the pump is controlled, and the fineness of the material can be controlled by different grinding media. Generally speaking, there are many kinds of grinding media for sand mills, the most common ones are zirconia beads, glass beads, zirconium silicate beads, etc.

There are many advantages of vertical sand mills. The sand mill adopts vertical or rod-pin type. The design of the whole machine adopts a closed cavity design. Compared with the traditional horizontal sand mill in the past, this design method reduces Several shortcomings of the old-fashioned sand mill, such as uneven distribution of grinding media and poor particle size distribution after grinding, which are perfectly overcome. When grinding materials, the grinding discs must be installed on the stirring shaft in a certain order, so as to cause damage to the machine or insufficient grinding fineness.

Vertical sand mill with excellent cooling performance

1. The material is pre-cooled in the eddy current guiding gap;

2. In the outer grinding chamber, also has a very effective cooling function for the stator and rotor.

3. The material can be effectively cooled when the material is turned back at the bottom of the stator.

4. When the material flows through the inner grinding chamber, the stator and rotor are effectively cooled.

5. When the material on the inner surface of the rotor is in constant eddy current motion, it can bring strong cooling to the inner grinding chamber.

The advantages of a vertical sand mill for application fields

Why are vertical sand mills recognized from various fields? This mainly depends on its own advantages, such as paint, varnish, agrochemical, ink, chemical, paper, and other fields, but also has certain advantages.

1. Can make car paint, high solids, and water-based products more lustrous;

2. It can make heavy coatings have higher resistance;

3. High photosensitive pigments can be achieved at the nanoscale;

4. Can produce higher quality dyeing slurry;

5. It can make high-quality packaging and silver foil ink more glossy and transparent;

6. It can make the special inkjet products more high-quality.

According to different material types, it is also necessary to choose different types of sand mills. For example, there are many kinds of inks, and to produce different kinds of inks, it is generally necessary to choose a suitable model.

Vertical sand mills