Spiral vs. Double Planetary Mixer: Which one to choose?

Double planet mixer

The Bakers today are offering customers an assortment of unprocessed, fresh, and delicious pastries ranging from bread, muffins, cakes to pizza crusts and cakes with the help of a double planetary mixer. Having a reliable commercial mixer that can help create the highest-quality products that are feasible enough is known through the use of a double planetary mixer. Selecting the right kind of double planetary mixer is a lot more vital due to its significance in terms of selecting the right ingredients for the recipes themselves is what they might not know here.

In terms of meeting his or her unique needs in the kitchen, the commercial mixer of the baker is suited perfectly. He or she will often be looking at the most notable boost in terms of productivity, an increase in the efficiencies along with less money that is being spent on the repairs, maintenance as well as the other expenses that can over the time drive customers off and have a negative impact to the bottom line of the business once this happens here.

Bakers should be thinking of the myriad types of foods they are planning on creating most often prior to investing in a mixer here. How thick the consistency would be and the kind of batter or dough is required by most of their recipes. Will they be preparing the cookies, bread, or muffins are the things that should be known to them.

Double planetary mixer used on site

The main aspect of selecting the right mixer, along with the required size, is the volume and the weight of the ingredients here.

Bakers should be asking themselves about the chances they would be deciding on eventually in terms of using this mixer for preparing something other than the dough in itself. Will they ever be used for sauces, spreads, or veggies? There are several things that need to be considered before planning on the investment here. The purchase should be intended in order to grow.

The two commonest kinds of commercial mixers are the spiral and the planetary ones, as known to the bakers. They, however, might not understand the differences that stay between them since there are several to ponder on.
Claw type double planetary mixer

Claw type double planetary mixer

Bakers should have the best knowledge on the different features that are offered by both the spiral and the planetary mixer for deciding the one that is suited best in terms of productivity of their businesses as well as the kitchens. A vacuum planetary mixer, in general, is the best in terms of versatility of usage, and strong kneading is desired. The ideal option while mixing the airier and the artisan dough is when the spiral mixer forms the best option.

Let us take a closer look at the two kinds of mixers.

Planetary Mixers

The bakers are offered several options who wish to prepare different kinds of foods at a greater rate with the help of the planetary mixer. Planetary mixers can also be used for slicing veggies being added with the help of the proper attachment, chop meats, make the batter, along with whipping lighter meringues, and so on, as these mixers are the best in terms of blending cookie ingredients. The bakers can now experiment a bit by offering their customers options other than the traditional baked goods such as bread and cookies with the help of their versatile nature.

The right kind of attachments and agitators are required by the planetary mixers for the right performance. The common types of agitators used for bowl mixing are whips, dough hooks, beaters, pastry knives, whisks, and mixing paddles. The common types of hub attachments for a few of the vacuum planetary mixers are slicers, graters, meat choppers, and shredders.

You get a non-rotating bowl and a motor within the planetary mixer. Through the volume of the ingredients that they can hold within their bowls, along with their capabilities ranging from five to 140 quartz with the addition of the flexibility these mixers are offering are how these mixers are sized.
Double planetary mixer manufacturing workshop

Double planetary mixer manufacturing workshop

While the larger planetary mixers are basically floor standing, smaller planetary mixers can be easily placed on the countertop. Planetary mixers, due to this, are a great choice in terms of the general purpose of the kitchens, pizzerias, and bakeries. The most commonly-used commercial mixer available on the market today is these.

Spiral Mixers

The space should always be considered before investing in a spiral mixer as they are placed on the floor of the kitchen here. For the kitchens as well as the bakers the artisan bread, pizzas, and bagels are often created as they are mainly suited for this.

Proper kind of dough consistency and the right blended ingredients as they are rotating the bowl in every direction is when the spiral mixers are ensuring here. Spiral mixers tend to become the ideal option when they are offering a consistently higher quality of dough as a priority here.

To mix the bread as they are keeping the dough at temperature lower, given the manner in which the mixer bowl is rotating as the spiral hook is spinning to kneading the dough, is where these spiral mixers are best-suited to be. This will be making sure that the dough is not overheating and is fermenting quickly. While preparing the artisanal bread as they need to ferment at a slower pace for coming out in a perfect way, temperature control is mainly important here.
Frame type double planetary mixer

Frame type double planetary mixer

In terms of rotating the bowl and the other motor for rotating the spiral arm, spiral mixers use one motor. These are quieter enough than the planetary mixers as they operate along with a pulley system. The mixer is made easier and faster to clean even after a long day in the kitchen as all the baker has to do to reverse the bowl for cleaning the dough off the hook with the help of the dual bowl rotation.


The current space in the kitchen should be evaluated well by the bakers, along with the production volume and the mixing needs while selecting a mixer.

Bakers would also be considering adding both the spiral and the vacuum planetary mixers to their inventory for kitchen equipment by getting them from a reputed supplier and manufacturer like Franli. Bakeries can derive the benefits of having both types on hand if they are quite busy and produces a massive amount of goods. Bakers who wish to try offering the different kinds of food in addition to the baked goods and specialty bread might also wish to use both the spiral and the planetary mixer in their daily production needs.

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