How to make a installation after get bead mill

We should take care of the installation for the bead mill, how to easily install the bead mill?

1. Hoist
Use four hanged ring bolts as the lifting support points to carry out installation work.
2. Position reaching
The electric console should be installed out of the explosion zone.A special foundation for the machine is not required. The machine is only required to install at the solid ground and holds level.When you position the machine, you should take the following into consideration:

bead mill

bead mill (Sand mill)

1)Please consider the distance between mill and wall or other resistant articles, which should be easy for operation and maintenance.

2)It is easy for material-in pipe, cooling water pipe, air compressing pipe to install and join.

3)It is easy for dynamic devices and control wires to install and link.
bead mill

bead mill

3. Assistant system

1) Cooling water system

This machine adopts the design of double water cooling of the milling cylinder body outer jacket and the main shaft rotor inner jacket. The water consumption is increased and decreased along with the fineness requirement, material viscosity, hardness, milling mediate filling volume. There are two lines of output water pipes equipped with the machine. The water exhausted pipe has min. dia.2”, the cooling water pressure is not less than 2Kg/cm2. When the milled material is very sensitive to the temperature, you should add to install the refrigeration device.

2)Compressed air

The machine adopts compressed air to improve the mechanical sealing back pressure and enhance its reliability and promote the film membrane pump running. The inner dia. 6mm air pipe is jointed with the pressure adjustable valve in the machine. One control valve should be added to the air-in pipe.

3)Electric system

The user should prepare and install the power cables from the general power supply wire to the machine control console and from the machine console to the main motor and pump motor. The cross-sectional area of these cables should meet relative rules. The cables from the console to the button box have been installed by the manufacturer.

Main motor rotation direction should meet with marked direction, i.e.when you open the back shell, you face to belt wheel clockwise.

(Optional when user purchase the spare parts)

BEAD MILL Safety Instructions

(1) The bead mill is constructed according to the latest “state of the art” technology and recognizes all industrial safety regulations (VDE, DIN, VDI).

(2) In addition to those stated in the operating instructions, observe the generally valid, legal, and otherwise binding regulations for accident prevention! These types of liability can apply, for example, to the handling of hazardous materials or the wearing of protective clothing.

(3) Operate the machine only when there are no technical problems and only in a safety-conscious manner, as directed, in accordance with the operating instructions! Above all, immediately attend to any problems, which could adversely affect safe operation.

(4) The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for damage resulting from material properties and reactions of the product being processed. The user alone bears the risk.

(5) Observe all notices concerning safety and hazards which appear on the machine and keep them in a legible condition!

(6) Backfitting or changes on the machine must only be carried out after consulting the manufacturer. Spare parts must comply with the technical requirements stipulated by the manufacturer. This is always guaranteed with original spare parts. The use of non-original spare parts from other suppliers results in the loss of liability for any damages resulting thereof.

(7) Only operate the machine with all protective devices, e.g. emergency cutout, safety limit switch, noise reduction, suction devices, in place and in a functional state!

(8) Before switching on the machine, make sure that no one is endangered by the start-up.

The following safety regulations apply in particular to machines with freely accessible, rotating shaft:

• Protect hair against trapping hazard by wearing a hairnet;

• wear safety glasses;

• wear tight-fitting working clothes;

• take off watch, finger rings, bracelets or necklaces, etc.

(9) If the machine is completely shut down for maintenance or repair, it must be secured against an unexpected restart:

• lock the primary control device and remove the key and/or

• place a warning sign at the main switch.

(10) For assembly work above body height, use ladders and work platforms provided or those meeting safety requirements. Do not climb on machine parts!

(11) Use caution when handling hot products and machine parts, e.g. product pipelines or those which are heated, non-insulated areas of the grinding tank, turbo-coupler, due to the danger of burning. This is also valid for tanks and pipelines cooled to extremely low temperatures.

(12) Before cleaning the machine with water or other cleaning agents, cover or tape all openings that should be protected from moisture due to safety or operational reasons.

Especially at risk are electro-motors and switch cabinets. The covers are to be completely removed after cleaning!

(13) During loading use only hoisting equipment, load-lifting devices, and transport vehicles with sufficient bearing capacity!

(14) Machines must only be transported and assembled by the qualified skilled staff! For safety reasons please make sure that the machine is lifted as low as possible during trans

port! It is not allowed to stay under overhead loads! Make sure that the machine is fixed safely, this applies in particular to top-heavy machines!

(15) Disconnect the machine from all external energy supplies even for minor changes of position!

Before restarting the machine, reconnect it to the power supply according to regulations!

(16) Work on electrical units or machinery materials may only be performed by an electrician or under the direction of an electrician according to the electro-technical regulations and the respective accident prevention specifications.

(17) The electrical equipment for a machine is to be maintained and operated according to regulations and to be constantly monitored. Necessary work should be undertaken immediately. An electrical unit may not be operated if it shows signs of a defect through which operators or third parties could be endangered.

(18) Machines and plant parts, on which inspection, maintenance, or repair is performed, must be connected free of voltage.

(19) Tampering and modifications, which violate the test and acceptance specifications, are not allowed on structural parts or components that are approved for use in the Ex area or for Ex protection.

(20) Welding, burning, and grinding work may only be carried out on the machine with authorization. I.e. when no danger of fire or explosion exists.

(21) Eliminate the pressure before opening machine sections and lines that are under pressure (e.g. grinding tank, sealing pressure unit).

(22) Dangers for people with heart pacemakers:

• There is a high risk of crushing.

• Strong magnetic fields can disturb the function of pacemakers!

• A minimum distance of 2 m must be maintained.

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