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What is a three roll mill?

A three roll mill is a dispersing device used to blend, refine, disperse and make highly viscous materials uniform. It is extensively used in chemical industries to mix cosmetics, paints, printing inks, ceramics, and much more.

A three roll mill mainly consists of three horizontally placed rolls, rotating in different yet relative rates, in opposite directions. This form of rotation creates a shear force or stress (asymmetrical forces aligned in different directions) which is used for the process of dispersion.


manual three roll mill

manual three roll mill


Why shear forces?

This might be a question on your mind, that why does a three roll mill use shear forces for dispersion? The answer is simple, let us understand it with the example of a traditional agitator. An agitator has a common issue of accumulation of small particles. The use of unaligned forces prevents accumulation by breaking apart even very tiny particles.

The purpose is simply as much reduction as possible. The reducing ability of a three roll mill can even be as low as 1 micron.


manual three roll mill

manual three roll mill


Why a three roll mill is better than any other kind of roller mill?

A three roll mill is very popular and most widely used among all the other roller mills that were developed during the 19th century. Why is it that it is considered better than a single-roll mill and a five-roll mill?

A single-roll mill has a roll and a secure bar thrusting against the roll. The material keeps passing between the two until dispersion, which usually is a very slow process.

A five-roll mill has four smaller nips and hence the particles in the input material can be larger as compared to a three roll mill but this mill is larger, much more expensive, and difficult to handle.

After taking a look at the other types of mills, it is rather obvious why people prefer a three roll mill.


hydraulic three roll mill

hydraulic three roll mill


How does a three roll mill work?

Now that we are aware of the fundamentals of a three roll mill, we can move onto the slightly more important parts. To be able to find purchase the right mill, one needs to properly understand the working of a three roll mill.  

A three roll mill consists of three heavy wheels placed horizontally and rotating along their axis to compress different materials. One of the three rollers are run by the use of a motor, the others run due to the friction created between the gaps of the rollers, as the material is drawn towards them.


hydraulic three roll mill

hydraulic three roll mill


The size, shape, and form of the result largely depend on the following factors:

· Feed rate.

· The gap between each of the rollers.

· The difference in speed of both the rollers.

To be able to get the desired results, one needs to take keep these factors in mind and adjust them according to their requirements.


three roll mill

three roll mill


The right way of maintaining a roller mill

Your work does not finish at buying a good mill, you need to maintain the mill for it to work accurately for a long period.

Certain things must be done to maintain the condition of a three roll mill. The following is the list of things one must not ignore after purchasing a mill:

· You should frequently clean the rollers of the mill to ensure they work fine for a long time.

· Regular oiling is a must. It is recommended you oil the machine at least once every month.

· The turbine box must be filled with grease regularly.

· The correct maintenance of the hydraulic tank is very important.

· The cleaning of the oil filter is very important and is needed to be done frequently, otherwise, the filter can jam and the hydraulic pressure might get decreased.


lab three roll mill

three roll mill


If enough attention isn't paid to the maintenance of the mill, it might be difficult for it to work for long. To make the mill worth, it must be taken care of in an appropriate manner.

Advantages of a three roll mill

· The quality of the product output produced is much better than that produced by any other roller mill. The product is uniformed, and extremely close to the desired product if the application of the mill is done in the right manner.

· Despite the high amount of compression work being done, the mill produces very little heat, hence keeping the temperature low.

· The rate of loss of moisture in this mill is tremendously low.

· The noises created by the machine are extremely low and so it helps in making the work environment and the environment in general, better.

· It is efficient and saves a lot of energy.

· The dust generation through the input material is also very which is the work environment is not hazardous.


manual three roll mill

 manual three roll mill


The right three roll mill

Once you have decided to go for a three roll mill, the real confusion begins to settle in. There are so many different options out there, and you have no idea which one to choose? Well, you have come this far on to find out just that.

Franli, is a highly recommended three roll mill marketing brand. Their mills have all the qualities you would require and more. Easy operation, simple handling, and amazing quality, all in one place. They provide you with many different types of mills to meet all your key requirements.

They have fully automatic plc controlled which enables the use of any kind of materials. The workers do not need to manually adjust the gaps. Several kinds of feeding systems are available according to your requirements. The pressure of the blades can also be automatically adjusted.

The installment, application, and maintenance of franli three roll mills make it one of the best options available. Almost all the features of their mills are much better than the others in the market and if you are looking for a three roll mill, you must go take a look at franli. Let this be the end of your research for the right three roll mill. You can easily find the franli website on the internet and get any further information on the topic.

Lab three roll mill


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