Why choose our Franli three-roll mill?

• Hydraulic oil system. Our three roll mill’s hydraulic oil pipes are controlled by the electrical control box. Simple design, if need maintenance and repace parts after years, you only replace the solenoid valve. While some market three roll mill, which has complex hydraulic oil pipes, which is mechanical controlling. Three stations – six connection valves are complex parts, also which higher cost for replacing after years.

• Roller thickness of alloy. Which is our popular advantage, many customers asked the lower price and strong competition, while have you check the roller thickness? Our alloy roller thickness is 60-65mm, while some small three roll mill factory thickness is 45mm. What disadvantages if choose lower thickness roller? The factory has to offer you rollers with middle over higher, both sides lower, then can outlet material. But if you choose such a higher height roller, which means higher pressure. If higher pressure, then the pipe connection must be tightly connected, or your oil will be leaking.
• Materials of three roll mill frame. Most of them are carbon steel, stainless steel 201, or 304. while how to choose these frame materials? If you milling normal materials, you can choose painted carbon steel. Mirror Stainless steel frame, while SS201 is more strenth but rust. If your material is corrosion, the frame is still be rusted even SS304. how to protect the three roll mill frame if your material is corrosion material? Welcome to connect with us, we can analyze and discuss details and deeply with you.

• We choose V-type oil sealing for Oil tank, which is made by an injection molding machine. Life of V type is longer, cant is changed shape, won’t leaking oil. Normal O type sealing ring is easily leaking oil after several years.
• The hydraulic station is Stainless Steel.

• Three roll mill’s knife is imported from Japan.

• Hydraulic oil tank, which is cast iron part, don’t choose oil tank by a screw connection.

Service of FRANLI

• Free trail your material on three roll mill, we will send the report of testing and samples to you.

• Needs testing again before shipment, check the discharging features and capacity, fineness of the material.

• Oversea installation and training in your factory, if you have several similar viscosity materials, we can set up the formulas into a PLC system.

l We will teach how to safty operation machine, and maintain three roll mill.

• Warranty is 2 years since you received the machines.

• Free offer the spare parts of three roll mill.

• Our engineer will regularly come to check three roll mill every year. • Full life support for your machines.

Save your cost of FRANLI

• We are located near shanghai, less cost of domestic freight.

• The steel frame of three roll mill, and wooden case cover.

• Easily come to check our factory, near shanghai international airport.

• Long-cooperation with branded parts, get a good price of ABB, SIEMENS.

• Free blades of three roll mill.

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