What is the difference between dyno mill and static bead mill?

The internal structure of the bead mill
Effective grinding linear speed V8mS=(3.14)*D(rotor diameter)*R(equipment speed)

The first generation disc rotor of bead mill for wet milling
The rotor adopts a standard disc structure, the diameter between the disc and the disc is very small, the linear velocity is far less than 8m/s, and the gap between the disc and the disc is small, the material convection is poor which lead to grinding dead corner.

Second generation eccentric disc rotor on Bead mill in wet milling
The rotor of the bead mill adopts an eccentric disc structure, which indirectly increases the rotor diameter and increases part of the linear speed. In addition, the gap between the discs increases, which increases the convection velocity of materials in the grinding chamber, and indirectly solves the problem of partial grinding dead angle. However, there are still some dead corners in the grinding process, and the efficiency is 30% higher than that of the eccentric disc.

Bead Mill Warehouse

Bead Mill Warehouse

Bead mill - discharge method

Dynamic gap discharge of bead mill The material is discharged from the right end of the grinding chamber, and the material is discharged by adjusting the gap between the moving ring and the static ring. Advantages: suitable for grinding low, medium, and high viscosity materials, not easy to block materials. Disadvantages for dynamic gap discharge of bead mill during wet milling: the discharging speed is slow, and the beads are easy to jam. The equipment can only add beads with a size of 0.8mm or more. The moving ring and the static ring are easily damaged and need to be replaced.

Static screen discharge is the key point in the wet milling process of bead mill

The material is discharging by the left end of the grinding chamber, the screen is installed on the left end cover, and it is still during grinding. There are dozens or hundreds of small gaps on the screen, and the material exits from the small gap.
Advantages: Large discharge area, high efficiency, can add zirconium beads of 0.3mm or more, and the fineness of bead mill grinding is smaller than the dynamic gap
Disadvantages for Static screen discharge of bead mill: It is easy to block the screen, and can only grind low-viscosity materials. The screen does not have a cleaning function and needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly
About the “Comparison of Double Mechanical Seal Vs Single Mechanical Seal ” in bead mill equipment
1.single mechanical sea of bead mill– Shaft seal: The disadvantage is that a leak that occurs in the shaft seal oil will run into the grinding barrel resulting in material contamination. The entire shaft seal shall be replaced in case of leakage
2.Double sides mechanical sea of bead mill: it is composed of a moving ring (tungsten carbide) and a stationary ring (silicon carbide). The external mechanical seal coolant (the added coolant is the same as the solvent for grinding materials) is used to cool the rotating ring and stationary ring. Leakage will not contaminate the grinding materials. in the future, when maintenance, we need to replace the moving ring only and do not need to replace the whole static ring, save the maintenance cost.
Bead mill

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