How to buy sand mill for paint?

Many factories and enterprises spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy a sand mill for paint. After using it for less than two months, various problems occurred in the sand mill. The rotors and stators have been worn so badly that many types of equipment are almost paralyzed and can no longer be used. What is the reason for this? How to buy a machine with the most cost-effectiveness?

The standard for judging the quality of a sand mill generally starts from two aspects:

1. The material used in the manufacture of the sand mill.

2. The manufacturer’s process for producing the sand mill.​​
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how to judge the quality of the material?

First of all, we have to manufacture the sand mill under normal use, but the sand mill is still largely damaged. The main reason for the lack of wear resistance must be the material problem of the machine:
• In order to reduce the cost and sales price of the machine, the manufacturer of the sand mill generally chooses low-grade raw materials, so it is also very important to choose a high-quality sand mill manufacturer
• For the same material, the processing technology is different, and the hardness of the sand mill will be different, whether it is high wear-resistant alloy steel or polymer, cemented carbide, polyurethane, and ceramics. But not all high wear-resistant alloy steels, cemented carbides, polyurethanes, and ceramics are created equal. Under normal circumstances, the higher the processing cost, the better the quality.
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The quality of the material is generally difficult to judge accurately by intuition. But we also can’t do destructive testing. Under normal circumstances, a test machine can be judged immediately. For example, discoloration when grinding white, and when grinding those special raw materials such as carbon black iron-red titanium cyan blue, the fineness does not meet the requirements, and the gloss is not good. This is because the originally selected sand mill and the materials you are grinding are not reasonable. According to the viscosity, hardness, color, and fineness of the grinding materials, different grinding inner barrels, grinding media, and zirconium bead diameters should be selected.
The cost price of high-quality materials is definitely much higher, so the price of the whole machine should also increase a lot. Relatively speaking: the higher the price, the better the quality of the machine! So, will the price of domestic machines and the quality of imported machines be just a slogan? no! In addition to process improvement, there is one more important point – the essential difference between high-quality domestic machines and imported machines! That is the material of the grinding inner barrel and the grinding medium, the complexity of the grinding structure, the sealing method, the size of the motor and the quality of the motor, etc.
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If the material is not good enough, the following problems often occur:

1. The fineness is not enough

2. The gloss is not bright enough

3. Easy to change color

4. The purity of the finished product is not enough

5. Reduced efficiency

6. Increase energy consumption
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Of course, when choosing the material of the grinding medium and the grinding inner barrel, you should actually provide you with the material of the grinding medium and the material of the grinding inner barrel according to the viscosity, hardness, required fineness, and chromaticity of the grinding material, etc. Choose the best sander for you
For example, the advantage of alloy steel is that the price is relatively cheap, but it may have a certain impact on the color of the material. For example, polyurethane is soft and hard. If your material has a high hardness and can be adapted to work at high temperatures, then polyurethane can be very It is suitable for your choice, which can greatly reduce the wear on the inner barrel and sand grinding disc of the sand mill, and greatly improve the service life of the sand mill.
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If the only disadvantage of the higher-end silicon carbide grinding inner barrel is fear of freezing and expansion, that is, if you forget to put water in winter, the inner barrel will freeze and crack.
The material of ceramics is expensive but has a wide range of applications, which does not affect the grinding quality, including grinding fineness, whiteness, wear, etc. so the so-called “what you pay for what you pay for” is essentially the difference between these materials. Unless you’re producing very low-end paint and paint products and you don’t plan to produce good quality paint in the short term, it’s still a good idea to get it right the first time!

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