Three roll mill - Creating a revolution in the field of production

Laboratory three roll mill

With time, the three roll mill emerges as the best and efficient method for developing very fine and smooth particle dispersions. In general, this system comes with three rollers positioned perfectly in the horizontal direction. When you turn on the machine, the rollers will begin to rotate in their opposite direction. The gap and the movement between the rollers produce a shear force to disperse, refine or mix homogenize materials with a particular viscosity level.

As per the experts, only a three roll mill used in the dispersing method can guarantee that 100 percent of the product will be processed through both shear zones. Some of the major factors that you need to know about the machine are:

· If there are is better control in the energy input level, you can enjoy precise processing.

· The important factor for the milling process is the shear rate between the three rollers.

· The shear rate is generally determined by the roller's circumferent and the space between them.

· Powder clumps and agglomerates will be broken up and homogenized.

manual three roll mill

Some major advantages of using a three roll mill are:

· It can save energy.

· The machines are designed to create highly uniform particles.

· It will produce less heat compared to the traditional methods.

· Using this, you can lower the moisture absorption rate.

· The machine generates lower-level noises and is environment-friendly.

three roll mill

Understanding the theory of operation

As mentioned above, a three-roll mill has horizontally placed rolls. To create the product, a paste-like material is placed in the center of the system. When the rollers roll, they create shear force due to the rotation format of the rollers. The shear force produces the dispersion. You can increase the shear rate by lowering the distance between the rolls, but that can lower the output. So, as per the experts, 0.001" range of gap settings will work better.

Once done, the milled material is carefully scraped from the roller using the knife.  If you want, you can repeat the process to enhance the dispersion level.

The three roll mill has remained a perfect method to prepare the finest particle dispersion in different applications. For example, ointments, cosmetics, inks, paints, dental composites, and more.

Engineer commissioning three roll mill on site

Three roll mill applications in nanotechnology

Well, three roll mills have been using in the field of nanotechnology for years, and they are offering the users the desired results. However, talking about a new application, this is carbon nanotubes processing. In general, carbon nanotubes are a little harder than steel. They can effectively conduct electricity and can also enhance the polymers' mechanical properties. As a result, they are widely used in different nanocomposite materials, for example, carbon nanotubes filled with epoxy resin. However, to attain the perfect properties, the agglomerates should disperse evenly. And an advanced three-roll mill can effectively carry out this process.

Use a three-roll mill to grind materials

Better shearing forces

It is a fact that carbon nanotubes' high surface area can make it very difficult to disperse them into the resins effectively. However, using a three-roll mill that can produce a greater level of shear force, you can enjoy an effective and efficient dispersion of the nanotube's agglomeration. Don't worry at all, as the nanotubes will remain safe, and you will still get the high aspect ratio. As a result, the viscosity level will rise, and you can take the level to around 100,000 cPoise using a three-roll mill machine.

Continuous dispersion

Most of all, the modern three roll mills have to ability to spread the milling products with different ranges of viscosity. This is something quite important in the case of carbon nanotubes. When you have the best machine, the dispersion level will increase during the process, and this, in turn, will increase the viscosity. As a result, you can create products of better quality.

Group photo of partners and our three-roll mill engineers

Effectively process small quantities

When an R&D phase begins, multiple attempts are important to ascertain the right combination of the product.  Well, a three-roll mill can greatly lower the development costs. And this is very important if you are using costly raw materials, for example, carbon nanotubes. As you will be able to process in small quantities, you can lower the wastage.

The machine is quite better than the traditional material mixing methods as it creates materials with:

· Impressive ointment stability

· Smaller particles sizes

· Easy control quality

· Better distribution of sizes

The partner performs three-roll mill on-site

Understanding some best and useful practices in the machine

1. In general, a three roll mill is supplied assembled. However, when removing the mills, you should do that very carefully to prevent damages. A tiny scratch on the surface of the rollers will affect the product quality. Always remember that unblemished surfaces are important to the effective functioning of the machine.

2. Before start using the machine, you need to bolt it in place. For this, you will have to find a solid base. This is crucial if you are using a production size model. Once you are done with bolting and leveling, you can install the electrical control components. It is advisable to take the help of a professional electrician to get this done.

3. With the mill, you will get a knife to cut the material, and the knife has a very sharp edge. So, you need to handle it with utmost care. When your position is perfect, you will see the knife perfectly parallel to the centerline of the roll.

4. Besides, you should conduct testing to evaluate the desired gap setting for your product. This way, you can increase the throughput, and there is no need to compromise the dispersion quality.

5. Don't run the machine in a dry state. The roll journals have roller bearings. So, you should perfectly lubricate them regularly.

Three-roll mill discharge port

Use the best machine to enjoy maximum benefits

If you are looking for the best and cost-effective three-roll mill, you can always get in touch with Franli. The machines are designed to process different types of pigments, offset ink, UV ink, and more. With these machines, the success of this milling technology will rise. The high accuracy rate will create new opportunities. Visit the site and explore the machines now.


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