The development of sand mills in the coating industry

In recent years, the rapid development of the coating industry in various countries has exposed some urgent problems that need to be solved. Such as overcapacity, rapid growth, outstanding safety, and environmental protection issues, increased energy constraints, and arduous tasks in energy conservation and emission reduction.

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Therefore, coating companies are speeding up the elimination of old products and backward technologies, and continue to invest in research and development of high-performance, high-quality, and high-value-added new products that meet environmental protection requirements. The requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection have prompted coating companies to upgrade their equipment and provide them with new development opportunities.

Taking paint sand mills as an example, most coating equipment companies no longer produce open vertical paint sand mills with severe solvent volatilization and excessive noise. Instead, they follow the trend of environmental protection and vigorously develop closed paint sand mills. The feeding, dispersion, grinding, matching, and packaging of the closed-circuit production process are also regarded as the development direction of the industry.

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In addition, due to the wide application field and scope of liquid coatings, many coating companies have more stringent requirements for the use of sand mills. As the most influential new media information service platform in the coatings industry, after an in-depth understanding of the pain points of the sand mill industry, the coating procurement network selected a company with stable performance and no prolonged downtime, good sealing, and not easy to leak and block; internal structure (such as Screens, separation systems, etc.) are reasonably designed to effectively ensure that the ground materials meet the accepted standards of high precision and purity, to provide valuable reference cases for coating companies that need to purchase sand mills.

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Rod-pin type high-efficiency nano-sand mill series products are suitable for sub-micron and nano-level grinding of materials, high-efficiency grinding structure, scientific energy density distribution, improve material grinding efficiency, make materials reach nano-level, and are widely used in nano-new materials, Ceramic ink, electronic ceramics, dyes, color pastes, pesticides, alumina, zirconia, and other industries.

The rod-pin type high-efficiency nano-sand mill performed well in the tomato pigment grinding test. The original particle size was 8um, and the particle size was reduced to about 700 nm after one cycle, which realized the particle size for customers by reducing the wear on the core parts of the machine. Acceptance target with diameter less than 1um. So, why does its "charm" improve efficiency and solve the problem of fineness to make customers favor it?

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It is reported that the compact structure design makes the product easy to operate, practical, and beautiful; the rod-pin structure design, the rotor rod pin produces a strong impact on the grinding medium and acts on the material, and the material is forced to grind and disperse to achieve rapid and fine grinding of the material.

The advanced large-flow separation screen structure ensures high-efficiency production without clogging; the integrated double-end mechanical seal can select lubricants according to the material characteristics; the high wear-resistant grinding inner cylinder and the disperser can be easily replaced, and the materials are alloy steel, ceramics, Polymer, stainless steel, and other options; spiral water circulation channels, multi-part cooling water settings, excellent heat dissipation performance; full explosion-proof button control and scientific PLC touch screen control are optional; feed pressure, discharge temperature, machine Multi-part safety control such as the liquid level of the lubricating oil tank.

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