Better material process and better production with FRANLI 3 roll mill

For years, 3 Roll Mill has been used in different industries, starting from paint, food, ink to technology industries, such as energy conversion, electronics, energy storage, and more. Anywhere in the coating sector, where color changes and small batches are generally required, a3 roll mill machine can be a perfect solution.

three roll mill

For instance, based on coil coating or can are generally developed using the 3 roll mill. On the other hand, such machines can also be used for different heat-sensitive coating systems, for example, UV-curable coating. Why are these machines good for such operations? Well, the primary reason is a three Roll Mill comes with a massive cooling surface, and the temperature control feature is also good. Let’s talk about this amazing and powerful machine in detail.

Understanding the basics of a 3 roll mill machine

The 3 roll mill operation takes place by progressively higher speeds rotation of the roll mills. In general, a three roll mill comes with three durable and high-performance rollers, and you will find them positioned horizontally. During the operation, each roller rotates in opposite directions, and there will be a very small gap between the rollers.  Such movement and small between the rollers produce a powerful shear force to combine, refine, homogenize and disperse materials having a certain viscosity.

The roller part of the triple roll mill

The roller part of the three roll mill

To create products, a past-like material is inserted into the roller system, and then the machine will apply the shear force. The material moves through the gaps of the rollers. After that, the material is carefully pushed into the roller’s gap for further process. Due to the opposite movement of the rollers, the material moves from one roller to another due to the shear force. Once done and when the material exists in the machine, a cutting knife is used to remove it off. Based on the product requirements, you can adjust the gap between every roller.

Different types of 3 roll mill that you can buy

  1. Hydraulic type

Such machines are fully automated hydraulic systems and know for faster performance. The machines come equipped with a separate cooling system for each roller so that you can keep them running for hours without worrying about overheating issues. What’s more? You will get better hydraulic control roller gaps, pressure blades, and more. When you buy such machines from a reputed supplier, you can also choose some optional installations, like a PLC system, different grinding formulas for various viscosity materials.

Hydraulic three roll mill

Hydraulic three roll mill

  1. Manual type

While using such machines, you can control the gap between the rollers using the adjustable wheels. The gears of the machine are soaked in an oil box, and that helps in keeping the machine running for hours. Besides, it lowers the noise level. Some manually 3 roll mill come with an in-built thermometer so that the users can easily check the temperature of the material. To prevent overheating issues, the rolls will be connected to a chiller. Such machines are widely used in the printing and soap industry.

Manual three roll mill

Manual three roll mill

  1. Heating type

You can also a heating type 3 Roll Mill when it comes to processing PVS, EVA, and color masterbatch. Such machines are great for grinding and process materials with high viscosity levels. The great quality can be designed based on your materials requirement. The machines are generally heated using steam or oil.

Three Roll Mill

Heating three roll mill

  1. Lab type

Lab-type machines come with some outstanding features; for example, you will get a PLC touchscreen with them. Such 3 roll mill are ideal for the cosmetic, electronic, ink, and medicine industry. They are compact in size and can be auto-operated. You will find these machines very safer, smarter, and faster to use. What’s more? Based on the material requirements, you can customize the machine.

lab three roll mill

Lab three roll mill

A perfect machine for all industries

Some features like no cross-contamination, cleanability, defined stress, small hold up are some features that are still unrepeated by other technologies. No matter whether you get a manual machine or a fully automated machine, you will enjoy the best results during the production process.

  • For cosmetics

Different types of cosmetic products, for example, mascara, nail polish, and lipstick depending on a 3 Roll Mill. Using such a machine, the producer can enjoy finely dispersed and homogenous structures. The machines apply a uniform shear force that is important to produce such products.

  • Lipstick

Well, the production of lipstick includes four different stages. These are pigment milling, flaming, molding, and combining the pigment into the base. The milling process will effectively break up pigment agglomeration. The paste made of oil and pigment is passed through the 3 roll mill to attain the desired particle size.

  • Pharmacy compounding

In the pharma industry, a three roll mill is used to come up with a perfect ointment base. In this industry, it is also called the ointment mill machine. By utilizing such a machine, you can make sure that the final product is not gritty. The powder or crystalline material’s particle size is generally lowered before using them.

  • Nanoparticle dispersion

While processing nanoparticles, you may deal with some issues like clusters and clumps. However, using a 3 roll mill, such issues can be avoided. The machine produces a dispersion technique that employs both extensional flow and shear flow develop by rotating the rolls at different speeds.

The machine can disperse CNF, CNT, Graphene, and other nanoparticles. As per the experts, the process is very appealing, and it doesn’t affect the environment as it doesn’t produce any solvent. Within a short period of time, you can attain a better degree of exfoliation and intercalation.

Control the Three Roll Mill through the screen

Through lab three roll mill touch-screen control machine

The Best Place to Buy High-Quality 3 Roll Mill

Are you looking for a reliable platform or supplier who can offer you the best quality 3 Roll Mill that will match your production requirements? Well, you can always trust Franli. The machines are developed using the latest technology and durable materials. They can easily break different types of pigment, lubricants, offset ink, decorative paints, and more. The company offers multiple types of 3 roll mill machines, such as Lab type, Hydraulic type, and manual type. So, what are you waiting for? 3 roll mill for sale is now on Franlinow. Hurry up and get in touch with Franlinow to know best offers and deal. Use them and take your production capacity to a whole new level.

three roll mill

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