Lab Three Roller Mill

Three Roll Mills & Manufacturers

FRANLI is a manufacturer that specializes in designing and producing three roll mills, Our Three roller mills are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions.

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High Speed Disperser

Operations Of High Speed Disperser

The kind of mixer that is used for the manufacturing process of plastics, chemicals, coatings, paints, composites, and other related products is known to be the high speed disperser. The function included here is in incorporating, dissolving, uniformly distributing, and wetting off the powders into liquid and relatively breaking down the particles agglomerates for the production of finer dispersions.

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Chemical Reactor

Chemical Reactor Manufacturers and Suppliers

The Chemical Reactor is a comprehensive reaction vessel, and the structure, function, and configuration accessories of the reactor are designed according to the reaction conditions. The pre-set reaction steps can be completed with a high degree of automation from the beginning of the feed-reaction-discharge process, and the temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, blasting, etc.), reactants/products in the reaction process Important parameters such as concentration are strictly regulated.

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triple roll mill

Triple Roll Mill For Carbon Black

The bead mill is one of the most advanced and efficient grinding equipment with wide material adaptability. The entire grinding cavity has a narrow space, and the gap between the levers is small. It has the characteristics of intensive grinding energy. It is equipped with a high-performance cooling system and automatic control system. , it can easily realize the long-term processing and continuous discharge of materials. After the continuous upgrading and transformation of franli engineers, the production efficiency of the bead mill can reach twice that of the ordinary bead mill.

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