Triple Roll Mill For Carbon Black

The grinding of carbon black is inseparable from the function of the triple roll mill, mainly through the mutual extrusion of the surfaces of the three horizontal rollers of the triple roll mill, and the grinding is carried out at different speeds, and finally, the best grinding effect of carbon black is achieved. Triple roll mills are the most efficient equipment for grinding and dispersing high-viscosity materials.

The working principle of a triple roll mill grinding carbon black

The carbon black is dispersed and pulverized by shear force and pressure to overcome the cohesiveness of the carbon black. When using a three-roller machine, adjustments should be made to ensure high grinding efficiency and smoothness.

  1. Adjust the roller distance according to the production needs, it is stable after fixing, and the pressure between the rollers reaches a constant state.
  2. The roller temperature is controlled to ensure that the working temperature remains unchanged and will not turn high or low, otherwise it will affect the viscosity of the system and thus affect the dispersibility of carbon black.
  3. If the products produced require high blackness, high gloss, high dispersion and different batch production, the surface of the three-roller machine should be carefully cleaned.

When using a three-roller machine, the material needs to be premixed. To control the number of dispersion media, excessive wear between the media will increase, resulting in a reduction in the particle size of the dispersion media; too little will increase the spacing of the dispersion media and reduce the carbon content. Black dispersion efficiency.

Carbon black fineness after grinding by a triple roll mill

The fineness of carbon black refers to the original particle size of carbon black, which directly affects the blackness, dispersibility, tinting strength, and wettability of carbon black. This paper briefly introduces several indicators of the influence of carbon black particle size.

  1. The smaller the original particle size of carbon black, the finer the fineness, the higher its blackness, and the stronger its coloring ability. Can meet the production needs of high-quality products.
  2. However, because the particle size is too fine, there are many voids between carbon black particles. There is a lot of air between these voids and it takes longer to get wet. Therefore, the finer the particle size of the high-pigment carbon black, the longer it will take to foam before dispersion.
  3. The finer the particle size, the more difficult it is to disperse, and greater force is required during dispersion. This type of carbon black needs a series of post-treatments after the original production is completed to increase the carbon black active material on the surface of the pigment. Al improves its dispersibility.

Therefore, the fineness of carbon black is not as large as possible or as small as possible, it needs to be kept within a certain range, and the ratio depends on the most suitable range required by carbon black products.

The roller part of the triple roll mill

Instructions for using the triple roll mill

  1. First, carefully check whether the external parts and screws of thetriple roll millare tightened. Details are bigger than anything else.
  2. Next, start injecting lubricating oil into thetriple roll mill.
  3. Turn on the power.
  4. Do some simple tests first to see if the handwheel and its rollers around the three-roller grinder are normal.
  5. Observe whether there is dirt on the surface of the roller. If the roller surface is dirty, clean it up. Remember to turn off the power and clean the power supply.
  6. Note that the gap between the front, middle and rear rollers is 0.5mm if no correction is required.
  7. It takes another two minutes to complete the final test before it starts running.

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