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The Chemical Reactor is a comprehensive reaction vessel, and the structure, function, and configuration accessories of the reactor are designed according to the reaction conditions. The pre-set reaction steps can be completed with a high degree of automation from the beginning of the feed-reaction-discharge process, and the temperature, pressure, mechanical control (stirring, blasting, etc.), reactants/products in the reaction process Important parameters such as concentration are strictly regulated. Its structure generally consists of a kettle body, a transmission device, a stirring device, a heating device, a cooling device, and a sealing device. Corresponding auxiliary equipment: fractionation column, condenser, water separator, collection tank, filter, etc.

Classification and selection of reactors

FRANLI is a chemical reactor manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years of R&D experience. The reactors we produce can be classified into glass reactors, stainless steel reactors, enamel reactors, etc. The differences between the types of reactors are:

  • The difference between the glass reactor and the stainless steel reactor: The glass reactor has very good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, but poor thermal conductivity. Stainless steel reactors are just the opposite, with excellent thermal conductivity, but poor resistance to strong acids and alkalis.
  • The difference between the enamel reactor and the glass reactor: These two reactors are anti-corrosion reactors that are resistant to acid and alkali. Enamel refers to the sintering of a layer of ceramic to resist chemical corrosion. The glass-lined reactor is also a kind of glass reactor, which means that a layer of glass is pre-sintered inside the metal, but the glass-lined reactor cannot be used for alkaline materials, because the glass will be dissolved by the alkali, and the equipment will be corroded.
  • The difference between stainless steel reaction kettle and an enamel reaction kettle: stainless steel reaction kettle can be heated quickly, has high-temperature resistance, is hygienic, and does not require automatic heating by the boiler.

The reaction kettles produced by FRANLI are combined with the user’s use effect. Through in-depth communication with us through different industries, we have designed a variety of chemical reaction kettles. The products are as follows:

Product Name: Glass-lined Reactor

Applicable fields: widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, pesticide, scientific research, and other industries

product Name: Multifunctional Dispersion Reactor

Applicable fields: widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, pesticide, scientific research, and other industries, it is used to complete chemical processes such as polymerization, condensation, vulcanization, alkylation, hydrogenation, etc. reaction equipment.

product Name: Magnetic Stirring Reactor (GSH Series Chemical Reactor)

Applicable fields: widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, pesticide, scientific research, and other industries. reaction equipment.

product Name: Electric Heating Reactor

Applicable fields: widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, pesticide, scientific research, and other industries. reaction equipment.

Product Name: Steam Heating Reactor

Applicable fields: widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, pesticide, scientific research, and other industries. reaction equipment.

Product name: stainless steel reactor (and high-pressure reactor)

Applicable fields: It is suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure chemical reaction tests in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, scientific research, colleges and universities, and other departments, and can achieve the high stirring effect for viscous and granular substances.

Product Name: Steel-lined PE Reactor

Applicable fields: suitable for acids, alkalis, salts, and most alcohols. It is suitable for liquid food and medicine refining. It is an ideal replacement for rubber-lined, glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, titanium steel, enamel, and plastic welded plates

Product Name: Steel-lined ETFE Reactor

Applicable fields: excellent anti-corrosion performance, resistance to various concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, strong oxidants, organic compounds, and all other strong corrosive chemical media. It is an ideal product to solve the old and difficult corrosion problems of high-temperature dilute sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and various organic acids.

Product name: complete set of unsaturated polyester resin equipment

Applicable fields: key equipment used to produce unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, ABS resin, and paint.

Product name: PCF series small test autoclave

Applicable field: suitable for the stirring of high-speed, low-speed, low-viscosity materials. It is an ideal device for various chemical reaction experiments.


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