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Franli put full energy to design and developing one sand mill with easy operation, stable working. The sand mill can get Zno fertilizer D90 less than 0.5um within 1hour.

How to get Zno fertilizer D90 less than 0.5um within 1hour

The as fast development of economy and limited time and energy. How to get high production and also can enjoy our life with family? Especially coming coronavirus in 2020, we should think about how to get the sense of achievement in business, as well as find a warm sense of presence in our life.

Franli feels a more heavy responsibility to offer automatic machines all over the world. We put full energy to design and developing one sand mill with easy operation, and stable working.

Here is one customer who produces Fertilizer, they made one testing of grinding Zno.

We got two formulas of ZnO. It is an unexpected surprise that Franli sand mill 2L can reach D90 less than 0.5um from 2um within 1 hour. Another formula of ZnO can get D90 less than 0.5um from 39.154um within 3hours. The testing machine is Malvin Brand, the most accurate test instrument in the world.

Why FRANLI sand mill can get save production time and get high productivity?

This type of sand mill is a double drive design, without a screen. You will not feel a headache for blocking up the screen, even you can add grinding beads size 0.1um.

Every parts are made and special design for our factory, even mechanical seal.

The parts of electricity we choose the international brand for better after service in all over the world.

Double drive outlet design is centrifugal wheel

If we only have such a double drive sand mill machine?

We also have one big capacity single chamber sand mill, which also can reach nano final size.  Which is a static outlet type.  Which is most suitable for grinding material final size below 1um-0.5um. As 0.1um beads cost is so high, we would suggest customers choose suitable machine for a different industry.

In the end, wish you are all who read this article, has a great and happy life. Go ahead with your dream also take care of yourself. Franli is always here for you.

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