Correct operation of the FRANLI sand mill

sand millThe sand mill (also called bead mill FRANLI Horizontal bead mill pdf)may only be used for the task specified, The correct application is the continuous dispersion and wet grinding of solids suspended in the liquid. pls, check the specific instruction of the FRANLI sand mill as below.

l When operating the sand mill, no products/materials may be processed which under the influence of pressure, temperature and shear might produce uncontrolled reactions, such as a rise in viscosity or temperature, spontaneous increase in hardness, foam formation, or gas secretion, by which sand mill ratings might be exceeded, be only for a short time.

l We advise that even within the limits of the sand mill ratings, the sand milling process might change some product characteristics in an unacceptable way or oven destroy them.

l Ensure before operating the sand mill that the product will not react in an undesirable or even uncontrollable way to the sand milling process.

l The material to be milled must be pumpable and its viscosity must not increase in the dispersion/milling process in such a way that the product pump can no longer discharge sand milled material.

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Proper use also includes compliance with the manufacturer's commissioning-, operation- and servicing instructions (operating instructions), as well as attention to avoidable inappropriate behavior. The sand mill may only be operated and maintained by qualified employees who are familiar with the sand mill and have been informed about potential dangers.

Any other uses will be considered improper. The manufacturer does not accept liability for any damages resulting from improper use.

The operating instructions constitute part of sand mill delivery and, in the case of resale. Must be passed on to the new owner.

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Despite all precautions, some dangers may remain when operating the sand mill. Residual dangers are potential, not very obvious hazards, such as:

l Injury during sol-up, especially from worn, sharp-edged Agitator discs

l Fire risk from leakages

l Risks caused by the product of the rinsing medium, such as allergies, skin irritations, or burns

l Risk because of malfunctions of the control system

l Risks involved in operating electronic controls

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To avoid the above problems, following the above points of instructions is necessary, which also will protect the sand mill and make its service lift longer.

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