Features to consider while buying a double planetary mixer

It is considered the most exciting prospect in terms of purchasing as well as replacing your first double planetary mixer. It is extremely vital to ensure that you are investing in equipment pieces like the double planetary mixer to resolve your issues for now before you select just any old version of the planetary mixer. As you are growing in the proper direction, the double planetary mixer can add efficiency and streamline your support to your business here.

Selecting the planetary model

As the agitator is turning on a rotating shaft here as the bowl here is remaining stationary, mimicking the manner in which the orbits of the planets around the sun is what a planetary mixer is as it is also known as the vertical mixer. It is the kind of commercial mixer that gives the bakers a lot more versatility compared to the traditional spiral mixer as it can effectively be working with various substances here with this kind of planetary mixer here. In terms of mixing the dough as the planetary mixer can tackle the batters with a higher level of moisture content like that of the cake batter, or the whipped cream is where the spiral mixers are mainly used for. A number of different attachments are here today in terms of adding to their versatility for the planetary mixers in question here.

It is the kind of model type that one is using if you are seeking a massive range of functionalities for your mixers. They will be dedicated to the denser dough, including the ones for the bread or pizzas, then you can go ahead with the spiral one if you look for this kind of mixer.
Claw type double planetary mixer

Claw type double planetary mixer

Determining the motor capacity through absorption ratio

Frame type double planetary mixer

Features to Look For

You should also be looking at the safety aspects along with the perks making the operations a lot more efficient with the bowl lift or the guard for the bowl. It can be kept firmly in place with the help of the floor stand mixers as well as the footpads.

In terms of viscosity along with the dense applications here, the vacuum planetary mixer along with the planetary dispersers is used commonly. By orbiting all around the vessel here, the agitators can easily rotate along their own axes. The outcomes here are extremely thorough with the mixing action irrespective of the rheology of the product here. Until the state of the homogenous is achieved here, the batch components are being thoroughly recombined and moved from a single area of the vessel to the rest. These planetary mixers are also being used with the vacuum drying equipment as well as granulation aside from their main usage at the compounding of the formulations of the higher viscosity.

Let us go through a few of the guidelines here that can assist you in terms of selecting the best vacuum planetary mixer.
vacuum planetary mixer

The range of viscosity in terms of application

A number of the changes to the viscosity are achievable through most of the batch mixing processes here. After the let-down or once the raw materials have been incorporated completely here, one has to consider the starting liquid’s viscosity here along with the maximum range of viscosity and the final viscosities. A massive range of viscosity can be handled well with the help of the double planetary mixer compared to what is performed by the planetary disperser. A double planetary mixer will be mixing the materials at a higher rate when they are equipped with the helical stirrers here.
vacuum planetary mixer factory

The need for high-speed agitations

It is the issues that are massively related to the rate of viscosity. At lower speed, relatively is on what the double planetary mixers are operating, and they are also relying on the higher product viscosity imparting to the shear as well as disintegrating all kinds of agglomerates that lie within the batch here. It is through the two planetary stirrers as well as the disperser shafts which makes up quite a challenging application here. In terms of the rapid incorporation of the massive amounts of solids within the viscous vehicles, here is where the power of the mixing is ideal. The highly efficient method of the processions, along with the order of the addition of the ingredients, will be confirmed through the mixer testing.
Double planetary mixer manufacturing workshop

Preventing the climbing issues

There are a few of the materials that generally tend to climb up through the vertical flights of the stirrer that are rectangular ones and out through the mixing vessels, whether they are within the double planetary mixer or that of the disperser. The intensive cleanup is necessitated through the characteristic migration of the materials of the batches that reduces the efficiencies in terms of mixing.

Optimizing the discharge process

It needs a lot of additional hours of manual scraping work if the product is heavy or sticky, specifically in terms of discharging a viscous batch through the help of gravity only. You can make use of the automated discharge system that is manufactured by the Franli along with the planetary mixer in order to set up this. The vessel for mixing is mainly wheeled to the station for discharges and lowering of the platen within it in several of the setups here. It can wipe clean them all with the specially-fittings of the O-ring over the rides of platen here. It is through the valve that lies within this vessel here or even the platen, which has the specially fitted O rings on the rides against that of the walls of the vessel.

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