FRANLI Triple Roller Mill

FRANLI has more than 20 years of experience of producing triple roll mill manufacturers, a professional manufacturer of producing triple roller mills in all kinds of Ink、Lipstick、Grease、Coating、Pigment、 Dye、E-paste,soap industry. We can offer your the reference testing report in your same industry or freely testing your own material with our triple roller mill.

The triple roller mill is a manual type horizontal triple roller mill, How to operate a manual Triple roller mill? Actually, the gap of the roller is controlled by adjustable wheels. We have two types of manual triple roll mill machines.: SG type and S type. SG triple roller mill is an updated type based on S triple roll.

What’s the difference between the two kinds of triple roller mill,SG triple roll mill machine transfer gears that soak in oil (oil box). Keeping longer life of the operation, less noise. Cooling control system: SG triple roller machine installed thermometer, easily check material temp. Triple roll is normally connected with Chiller. normally Reach 10-20um by first passing grinding While S triple roller mill, transfer gears with Grease should check chain frequently. But it is still widely used in Soap, printing industries.
The import parts of the manual triple roll mill are bearings and gears except for rollers. The bearings are imported from America TIMKEN, Japanese SKF, which has globe service. It cant be broken if keeping completely maintain.

Here are some additional parts for manual triple roll mill, such as auto-feeding system, and cutting blades for the soap industry. Feeding hopper of a triple roll mill for collect soap noodles or other materials.
The blade at the end discharge of the FRANLI triple roll mill is imported from Japan, the material is hardness alloy.

Which machine is widely used in the painting industry? So What type of triple roll mill for paint?

If you are working in paint, while we need to know what kind of paint u are producing? Some paintings need high requirements, then choose hydraulic triple roll mill. Some paintings even don’t need three roll mills, choose a high-speed disperser is enough for dispersing. If carbon black paint and need below 3um, then hydraulic triple roll mill is your best choice. You may mill 3 times by triple roll mill .

How to improve working effectiveness?

You can choose a twin shaft mixer, which is low speed and high speed together. Mixing material before grinding, you will reduce milling one time, which totally can save your man working power and save the cost of electricity.

While if needs working in cosmetic?

Nowadays more and more customers buy triple roll mill cosmetics. We have also cooperated cosmetics industry for years. How to choose a triple roll mill for cosmetics? Some high requirment of cosmetic, need mirror frame, hydraulic three roll mill, setting buyer’s country language, which is more convenient for your operators. The key point during operation for lipstick. You must close chiller when no working. If you open the chiller during stop-working, your roller may rust. As which is alloy roller. If the roller is rust, your material will be polluted.

While you may ask Stainless stell roller, which cant be rust. SS roller for triple roll mill, which is totally impossible. As we have strong pressure and roller gap tightly totally. stainless steel is so soft during milling, maybe change your roller shape, then cant outlet.

So in the triple roll mill industry, never choose stainless steel. Metal is the only alloy of roller. This type of Triple Roller Mill is a manual controlling roller gap. They drive rollers by gears. Soaked in oil hopper to keep the longer life of rollers. This roller is cast by hardness alloy, the harness is 72Hs. You will get <5um as the final size by our triple roller mill.
hydraulic three roll mill
Don’t be hesitant, Contact us now! We will offer you free testing, overseas installation, full training lesson for your operator. Key Point that we can offer whole year technology support!

Advantages of Triple Roller Mill

triple roller mill for lipstic、ink etc
Stable working、No noise
Smooth outlet、Good price Pressure display

Optional Triple Roller Mill

Triple Roller Mill with auto Feeding system

Gear motor drives feeding system
SS304 tank, 20L-50L
Safty automatic feeding material

Heating Type Triple Roller Mill

Suitable for EVA ABS PE PP PVC
Specially designed for strong hard viscosity material
Stable working in rubber and color-masterbatch

Strengthen Type Triple Roller Mill

Designed for silicon rubber, pencil core, paste, etc
Optional: water cooling, steam heating, oil heating

Soap Triple Roller Mill

Feeding hopper between two rollers Cutting knife at the outlet place Manual Triple roller Mill machines with cooling systems are widely used in ink, pigment, cosmetics. While super high viscosity material, such as rubber, pencil core, color-masterbatch, etc, should be connected with the heating system. You can choose steam heating or oil heating. This Triple Roller Mill also can be designed as a vertical type, which can mill guar gum, soap noodles, tea seeds, chocolate powder, etc. Which type of 3 roll mill can help you improve higher production capacity.

If you are still thinking about what kind of triple roller mill suitable for your material, please send us your material date sheets, we will choose the most suitable triple roll mill for you. Don’t worry about the warranty, we have our own agents in some different countries, also engineer offers overseas installation. And we will offer you quick-wear parts with machine.

Do you still hesitate about the final size of material by our machine? Send us material right now, we will offer FREE testing, showing video during testing. Finally, we will offer a material report. Connect us now! We will send you more details of the triple roller mill and videos.

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