How to use a high-speed disperser safely

A high speed disperser is also called a high speed mixer. This high speed disperser is suitable for high speed stirring, dissolving, and dispersing of liquid and liquid-powder phase materials in coatings, dyes, inks, pigments, cosmetics, resins, adhesives, emulsions, medicine, petroleum, etc. The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily (0 -1440 rpm). It can also be used for beating and dispersing texture paint, texture coating, and texture mortar.

The characteristics of the high speed disperser, The high speed disperser adopts step-less speed regulation: electromagnetic speed regulation, frequency conversion speed regulation (for water-based paint), and explosion-proof frequency conversion speed regulation (for oily paint), and other forms. The step-less speed regulation function can fully meet the different technological requirements in each technological process, and different speeds can be selected according to different technological stages. It is not suitable for materials that do not add additives to the powder and have high requirements for the integrity of the crystal package.
The working principle of the high speed disperser, the serrated circular dispersing disc of the high speed disperser in the container at high speed to complete the process of solid-liquid dispersion, wetting, de-aggregation, and stabilization.

1. Make the slurry flow in a rolling annular flow, producing a strong vortex, and the particles on the surface of the slurry spirally descend to the bottom of the vortex;

2. A turbulent area is formed at the edge of the dispersion plate at 2.5-5mm, and the slurry and particles are strongly sheared and impacted;

3. The upper and lower beams are formed outside, and the slurry is fully circulated and turned;

4.The laminar flow is under the dispersion plate of the high speed disperser, and the slurry layers of different flow rates diffuse each other to play a role in dispersion.
The high speed disperser has multiple functions such as hydraulic lifting, 360-degree rotation, and step-less speed regulation. It can be equipped with 2-4 containers at the same time. The hydraulic lifting stroke is 1000 mm and the 360-degree rotation function can better meet the multi-purpose of one machine. It can change from one cylinder to another in a short time for operation, which greatly improves Improve work efficiency, but also reduces the intensity of manual labor.

The common forms of high speed dispersers are generally divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical lifting, and other forms.

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Notice for high speed Disperser Safe Operation

1. In pushing and hauling out of the material tank, the machine shall be raised till the blade exceeds more than 50 mm of the cylinder to prevent the blade and material tank from damage.

2. After the material tank is pushed in, descend the high speed Disperser During this process, the head or hand is prohibited from placing between the material tank and dust cover to prevent injury or fatal accidents. When the tank has descended to its position, start-up the main engine to mix.

3. If the material tank can not be clamped tightly, the main engine can not be started.

4. During operation, watch current whether there is an overloading operation. If overloading is found, the machine shall be stopped to check the reason and started up again after certain measures are taken.

5. When the main motor is rising, it cannot be started.

6. If the operator leaves the operation area, the power switch of the manipulation box shall be turned off to prevent accidents happen.

7. All operations should be conducted by professional operators. Other personnel is not allowed to operate the machine without permission.

8. During operation instruments should be observed constantly. If an abnormality occurs, pressing an emergency button to stop the operation of the machine.

9. high speed Disperser shaft is not allowed to appear reversing the condition.

Notices of installation high speed Disperser

Operators should wear a safety hamlet and relative protection apparatus during operation. Standing under the machine or too close to it is prohibited during lifting and installation, otherwise physical injures accidents may occur.

The leveling of the foundation surface shall be guaranteed, or else the normal usage of the machine may be affected.

Wiring can only be operated by qualified technicians.

A high speed Disperser must be provided with a reliable grounding system. Check whether the power supply standard meets provisions.

After wiring is finished, commissioning shobe made when all protection facilities are initiated.

Be careful with waste disposal, cleaning, recycle and treatment to avoid environmental pollution.

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