An overview of three roll mill at FRANLI company

Many people often asked themselves what is the Three roll mill? How does it function? And where is it being applied?

After reading this article you can understand the three roll mill, its model, functionality, and areas where it is being applied.

This machine is made up of horizontal rollers which are usually 3 in number. This roller operates at a different speed and distance. Among the three horizontal rollers, the major roller is used for widespread chemical materials. While the other rollers are used for cosmetics, unpolluted material, and crayons.

manual three roll mill

Introduction to Three Roll Mill machine

Three roll mill has three model types which include manual triple roller mill, hydraulic roller miller, and Lab Three Roll Mill. Three roll mills are broadly applied in a variety of chemical industries from medium to high viscosity productions. Moreover, the machine can also function in cosmetic or lipstick and electronic industries. These machines are easy to operate and cleaning them is safe. Three models of three roll mills have different advantages and characteristics to meet different requirements. The machine is favorable for high viscosity and non-flowing machines. The company has different models of three roll mills. This includes;

A manual triple roller mill model is a model where the gap of the roller is manipulated by flexible wheels. The machine works by transferring gears that marinate in oil, which enables the machine to work for a longer period with the production of less noise. It also cools the control system. The machine has a thermometer installed on it that regularly monitors the material temperatures. They are usually connected with a chiller. It also functions by transferring gears with grease. Though it can’t monitor chains well it is widely used in the soap and printing industries.
hydraulic roller miller

Working process:

The machine can operate by flexible adjustment of the roller until a customer’s satisfaction is achieved. Once a machine has been started, the material can be fed between the two copper blades, middle and slow roller. The machine can then be transferred to a fast roller after being squeezed and rubbed between the middle and the slow roller. The outlet blade attached tightly to the fast roller surface collects the product, then direct to the product tank through the outlet plate to form a milling cycling

Hydraulic three roller mill which includes; SY and SYP types, is a machine with a complete hydraulic auto-controlling system equipment that functions in 3 three ways;
• Cools the machine system- each roller has an individual cooling system

• Has hydraulic controls, pressure blades, roller gaps, and many more.

• Enables voluntary installation. The PLC system with SIEMENS touches the screen thus enabling installation.FRANLI engineers established proper formulas for grinding the particles according to different viscosity materials.
lab three roll mill
Lab Three Roll Mill has PLC touching screen which is broadly applied in different areas including; medicine, ink, cosmetic and electronic industries. It has a small size and digital number auto operation which is smarter, safer, and faster. This feature has been modified to function along with different materials requirements. Three roll mills can function in different ways such as homogenizing, venting, and grinding. This model of roll mill has an influential performance because of its state of art control, smooth design, and stainless steel parts. It is a perfect model for mixing electronic thick film inks, high-performance ceramics, cosmetics, paints, printing inks, adhesives, chemicals, food, and many other viscous materials. It works by dispersing all kinds of agglomerates and grinding the particle sizes into smaller sizes, therefore, enabling greater smooth particles with high quality.

What are the products available at Franli?

• The company also has a vertical three–roll mill for crushing powder and chocolates. There are 3, 4, and even 5 rollers which are all vertical in types. These rollers are exported to soap and chocolate companies.

• Franli Company also has a heating hydraulic three roll mill for rubber, EVA, PSV, and color masterbatch. As this type of machine crushes high viscosity material, they particularly design the gear quality. It is being heated by oil or steam.

• The Three Roll Mill equipment has stable operating, complete automatic PLC controlling system, and hydraulic system that functions effectively to enhance quality results. The company functions efficiently using the international brand and standard parts such as ABB VFD, Siemens Motor, SKF or NSK bearings, SEW or Nord reducer. A roller is usually 45-55mm thickness of metal, and cast steel. The most widely selected rolls include; ceramic, alloy, and granite rollers. They set up several formulas in the PLC system whereby an individual only needs to choose the numbers on touching the screen, there is no need of adjusting the rollers ‘gaps or the pressure of the blade.

• The company also has a feeding system which is installed on the top with a single reducer motor. But if your material is a senselessly high viscosity, and small batch production, the company suggests that you feed the material into rollers by manual scrapper.

• These rollers are applied in broad industries such as food, chemicals, electricity, soap, and many more. There are major parts that should be focused on three roll mills; offset ink does not need a servo motor, instead, it only requires 3-5 times of grinding. Ink requires 3 times of hydraulic three roll mill, triple roller mill, and lab three roll mill. Different companies require different machines for grinding and dispersing particles and therefore a three roll mill with a butterfly mixer or a high-speed dispenser is the best. If you are generating an electricity plate, you may require a later mixer, three roll mill, and twin shaft low-speed mixer. If you’re working in the adhesive industry, the related machines are the reactor and multi-shaft mixer. Those working in the cosmetic industry for lipstick, require a ribbon mixer and three roll mills, an emulsifier mixer machine, and many more.
Those willing to buy three roll machines for grinding can visit Franklin Company since they offer the best roll mill for your materials.

You can as well send them your material trial before making an order for them. The company has a team of professional experts who have reputable customer support so you can get reliable services from this company. You can reach them any time of the day and order your grinding machine for your materials.

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