What is a three roll mill machine?

Three roll mill has three horizontal rollers, has different materials of roller. The most roller is alloyed for universal chemical materials. We also offer Zirconia 95% for cosmetics, un-polluted material. While granite roller used for a crayon. Crayon needs heating, cant be polluted. Another chemical such as leathers, color masterbatch should be heated milling.

Three roll mill has two types, one is a hydraulic three roll mill, another one is a manual three roll mill. How to choose? which depends on your production capacity per day, and the final particle size of the material. The manual type can reach around 5-10um, the hydraulic machine can reach 3um. You may already bring three roll mills but can’t reach the ideal particle size. Why? different color has difference feature of raw material. Such as material with carbon black, you may need grinding 3-4times to reach 3um. If you grinding white or yellow colors, max 2 times grinding to reach ideal size.

Hydraulic three roll mill

Hydraulic three roll mill

Three roll mill can connect with heating oil system, steam heating system. Also cooling water by Chiller. While you may have one question that your machine cant control temperature by the chiller, the roller is heated. How to check? First, you need to check the inlet water filter, impurity blocked filter, colled water cant inlet into the roller of three roll mill. Also, you may need to check chiller problems. In our experience, you would better choose an opening type of cooling system, joint rota connection system will be damaged by shaking and not so well for cooling

What is three roll mill gap?

Roller height is different for different materials if has different gaps for this material? Which has a gap, such as ink industry, inlet gap is 1.2-1.5mm for ou let rollers, and 1.0-1.2mm for inlet rollers. While how to control the gap? We can adjust roller gaps by dial gauge wheels. Which is a manual three roll mill. Also, you can choose a Hydraulic type machine, which is controlled gap by servo motors, controlled by a PLC system. If need more detail of gaps, welcome to connect with us. We can customized rollers for you.

What is three roll mill working principle?

Feeding material into the first and second roller’s gap by discharging system. The first step is mixing. Then transfer material into the gap of 2nd and 3rd rollers, which is grinding. If your material is ink, your ink will become smooth and a little light by the first pass. After second passing milling, the ink becomes a very great color.

What are the Advantages of three roll mill?

Some high viscosity materials or no-flowing materials need a smaller particle size than the final material. Then have to choose a machine. Which is still a key machine in the market, which is unreplaceable machine in process of some material.

What is the Purpose of three roll mill

which is a very clear purpose. We would like to produce machine for your more smoothy and smaller fineness material. Some materials are more fitness, smaller sizes. Which material will be more popular in the market. Got more valuable material.
Lab three roll mill

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