What Is A High Shear Mixer?

The high shear mixer is a kind of emulsification homogenizer, which can be said to be an upgraded version of the emulsifier. In the material processing industry, a series of operations such as mixing, emulsification, dispersion, dissolution, and reaction are generally inseparable from mixing equipment such as high shear mixers. For operators of high shear mixers, it is very important to be familiar with relevant parameters such as equipment performance, characteristics, installation, and application.

The relevant parameters of the high shear mixer that users need to know are the following:

working principle of High Shear Mixer:

The high shear mixer is mainly for the emulsification of two immiscible materials. In the whole operation process, the material enters the body, the operator sets the degree of emulsification, and the rotor in the body rotates at a high speed to generate a high tangential speed. Here based on the high-frequency mechanical effect, the reacted material is fixed between the stator and the rotor. At the same time, under the strong shearing force brought by the mechanical operation, centrifugal extrusion is generated to realize the friction between the material and liquid layers. Under a series of comprehensive operations, two incompatible materials can be dispersed and emulsified, which is the working principle of the emulsifier.

Equipment performance and characteristics:

1. The high-shear mixer needs to be used together with mixers, reactors, and other equipment in use. The key is that the emulsifier is suitable for the pre-treatment stage of the material mixing process;
2. Compared with the traditional emulsifier, the high shear mixer has been improved in the design of the body structure, which increases the processing capacity of the equipment and reduces the processing energy consumption, especially for the mass production and processing industry;
3. The equipment has high use-value, and can achieve long-term continuous production work during operation;
4. High work efficiency and short production and processing time;
5. 360-degree omnidirectional mixing body design without dead angle, the material can achieve 100% dispersion and emulsification during emulsification;
6. During operation, the power is low, even in long-term operation, the body can always maintain a good stable performance;

Device application:

High shear mixers can provide three operating environments in use, such as vacuum, atmospheric pressure, homogenization, etc. Because of this feature, this type of emulsifier is widely used in various industries, such as the food processing industry, Pharmaceutical production industry, chemical production industry and cosmetics industry, etc.;
The high shear mixer produced by FRANLI has a super high effect on the mixing, emulsification, dispersion, dissolution, and the reaction of materials, and as a manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years of experience, FRANLI has several after-sales experts composed of experts The pre-sales team makes the best solutions for applications in various industries.

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