Bead Mill For Cosmetics

Bead Mill

FRANLI series nano bead mill adopts European bead mill design standard, with a large flow rate, good temperature control ability, high energy conversion rate, and narrow particle size distribution range, especially for tiny grinding beads Its use is optimized to work efficiently from flexible dispersion to ultra-high-energy milling. These can be gradually ground into small pieces into a granular or slurry state and made into a cosmetic-grade fineness state.

Details of Bead Mill

  • The frame of Bead Mill 
  • Grinding system of bead mill
  • Double mechanical seal of bead mill
  • The transmission system of the bead mill
  • Grinding cylinder of bead mill

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

Cosmetics are necessities in daily life, especially for girls’ demand will be greater. It is mainly used for wiping and other methods on the surface of the body to decorate people’s appearance and emollient functions, usually using organic chemical industrial products. There are many types of cosmetics, including cleaning, skincare, extrusion, beauty care, and efficacy types. Then the manufacturing and production of cosmetics cannot be separated from the equipment of nano-bead mills to prepare different cosmetic raw materials and other solutions!

First of all, let’s talk about the nano-bead mill, the grinding equipment for cosmetic preparation. We all know that cosmetics still belong to organic chemical industrial products or biochemical products, then it must be ground into the appearance that we present in our daily life. Nano bead mill adopts a unique structure and principle.

Then the general nano-bead mill is constructed of zirconia ceramic or carbon-carbon composite material, which is completely protected by metal materials, which can ensure the smooth operation of raw materials. It is generally used in carbon nanotubes, inkjet, cosmetics, biological products, etc. Generally speaking, bead mills, also called sand mills, are mainly used for wet grinding of chemical products and can be roughly divided into horizontal bead mills, basket bead mills, vertical bead mills, etc. It is mainly composed of a machine body, grinding cylinder, sand grinding disc (lever), grinding medium, electric motor, and feeding pump. The feeding speed is controlled by the feeding pump. The grinding media of this equipment are usually divided into zirconia beads, glass beads, zirconium silicate beads, etc.

The solid particles of different materials are effectively dispersed, cut, and ground and the products are obtained after the dynamic large flow rotor gap separation filter. Depending on the product grinding process, independent batch cyclic grinding and serial grinding processes can be selected.

The structural design of the bead mill generally uses eccentric discs and other structural grinding structures and arranges them in sequence. This system gets rid of the defect of uneven distribution of grinding media in traditional grinding machines, so that the grinding media can obtain large energy transmission and high grinding efficiency. Use double-ends face with mandatory cooling machine seal, the sealing effect is very good, the operation is reliable, the separation system adopts static and dynamic separation equipment, it is not easy to cause the discharge port to block in the case of large flow, the flow area is large, and the gap range 0.06-2.0mm, grinding media above 0.1mm can be applied.

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Guidelines For Bead Mill

Bead Mill(sand mill) helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material. Self-cycling cooling system. Don’t need the cooling pump. Franli produces Disc Bead Mill, Pin Bead mill, Turbine Nano Bead mill, etc. Optional material of inner chamber and disc: hardness Alloy, Zirconia, PU.

Sand Mill Machine|dyno mill
Guidelines For Bead mill


Dyno mill is nothing but an agitator bead mill. It is widely used in the production of paints, coatings, agrochemistry, and pharmaceutical products.

pearl mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Role of Pearl Mill in the Nano Industry

Pearl Mill can handle both high and low viscosity materials. One is for Nano grinding materials, while the other is for high viscosity materials like offset ink. The operation of the Pearl Mill is straightforward, and all maintenance; may be handled quickly and efficiently. Adding grinding media from the feeding hole is simple.

Bead mill for cosmetics
Guidelines For Bead mill

Guide to Bead Mills

The Bead mill is one of the main grindings and dispersing equipment in paint production. Bead mills for coatings are mainly divided into four categories: vertical, horizontal, basket, and special-shaped bead mills.

Sand Mill Machine|dyno mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Dyno Mill|Coating & Inks

Dyno mill is a type of bead mill machine which is used in the coating industry specifically, in the manufacturing of inks products.

lab bead mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

The structure and type of laboratory bead mill

The laboratory bead mill in the chemical experimental equipment, also known as the lab sand mill, is a kind of grinding equipment compared with the bead mill for industrial production.

SMP Agitator bead mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

High Viscosity Material Grinding – Bar Pin Bead Mill

The bar pin bead mill is a machine suitable for ultra-fine dispersion and nano-scale grinding of water-based and solvent-based materials. The bar pin bead mill is one of the most widely used production types of equipment. With its very stable performance and sophisticated technology, it has been recognized by a wide range of users. The key thing to know is the characteristics of the bar pin bead mill, which is also the key to people’s favor of it.

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