Three roll mill|6 major components

Three Roll Mill

FRANLI three roll mill is suitable for grinding and dispersing high-viscosity materials and is suitable for ink, paint, coating, electronic paste, lipstick, chocolate, soap, and other industries. For the grinding and dispersion of special materials, such as corrosive and low-viscosity materials, FRANLI provides a complete set of customized solutions to meet the grinding of various materials.

Details of Three Roll Mill

  • Two types: handwheel and digital control gap
  • Safe scraper socket, Emergency-stop
  • Space-saving desktop models
  • Drip tray for easy cleaning

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

The three roll mill is mainly composed of 6 parts, namely, the transmission system, the roller parts, the feeding parts, the cooling system, the discharging parts, and the adjusting parts.

The transmission system of a three roll mill

The traditional system of the three roll mill mainly drives the drive shaft through the action of the V-belt through the motor in the base and then drives the gear of the fast roller shaft through the gear. Through the mutual drive of the gears, a complete transmission system is formed.

Roller parts of a three roll mill

The roller parts of the three roll mill are mainly made of chilled alloy centrifugal casting (according to different materials, the rollers of the three roll mill can also choose ceramic rollers, marble rollers, etc.). The shaft heads at both ends of the roller adopt a unique cold crimping process, which makes the entire roller stronger and ensures the safety and stability of the machine during operation.

Hydraulic three roll mill

Feeding parts of three roll mills

There are two copper knives and copper knife supports on both sides of the roller shaft of the three roll mill, and the feeding part is composed of these two parts. The feeding part is used to prevent the three roll mill from overflowing or splashing out of the machine during the grinding of materials, resulting in material waste and pollution problems, so the feeding parts are installed separately in the three roll mill. between the slow axis of the machine and the arc of the central axis. The copper knife bracket of the three roll mill is mainly used to fix the copper knife, adjust the fit of the copper knife arc and the surface of the roller so that no material is spilled, and take out the copper knife for easy cleaning.

Vertical Three Roll Mill

The cooling system of a three roll mill

The cooling device of the three roll mill is mainly equipped with a cooling water pipe at one end of the machine. Through the water pipe, the cooling water flow in the roller of the three roll mill can be adjusted, so that the roller can always maintain a good running state during work, and ensure the entire material is safe and stable during the grinding process, and the last flowing water flows into the sewer through the bucket. Its function is also to remove the heat generated by the extrusion and friction on the surface of the three rollers, to ensure the grinding fineness and efficiency of the material.

manual three rolll mill trs9

Adjustment parts for three roll mills

The adjustment part of the three roll mill is the spring between the handwheel and the axle seat installed on the four adjustment screws in the front and rear. The user can adjust the fineness of the grinding material by turning the handwheel. The principle is that the fast and slow rollers move back and forth by turning the handwheel to force the spring to compress or pop out.

The discharge part of the three roll mill

The discharge plate of the three-roll grinder is installed on the bracket, and a scraper blade is installed on the knife plate. The user can change the screw that can control the tableting knife so that the blade can be tightly attached to the surface of the fast roller shaft. , the fitting position of the knife edge should be slightly higher than the center of the roller, so that it is easy to smoothly scrape off the material attached to the surface of the fast roller after grinding and dispersion.

FRANLI three roll mills have various types, such as laboratory three roll mills, heated three roll mills, manual three roll mills, hydraulic three roll mills, etc., to meet the needs of various fields and industries, we have a complete The after-sales and the pre-sales-engineer team will provide users with solutions within 24 hours. If you are still looking for a reliable supplier of three roll mills, you can contact FRANLI directly.

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Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three roll mills are widely used in a variety of chemical industries, from medium to high viscosity productions. FRANLI machine can break open all kinds of pigment, UV ink, offset ink, decorative paints, and Lubricants, it also can catch the greatest fineness in cosmetics/ lipstick and electronics industries. 

Lab Three Roller Mill
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three Roll Mill For Grease

The three roll mill plays a vital role in the grinding of grease. Grease is essentially a kind of lubricating oil, which is a solid or semi-solid product formed by one or more thickeners through the grinding and dispersing action of a three roll mill.

heating three roll mill
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Three Roll Mill For Attapulgite

Three roll mill is the main equipment for grinding attapulgite. The attapulgite is ground and dispersed mainly because it is a natural colloid. Even if the size of the attapulgite reaches 0.1mm, it cannot be easily dispersed by the machine, so the final state of attapulgite formation has been greatly developed.

manual three rolll mill trs9
Guidelines For Three Roll Mill

Rolls of a three-roll mill

The three-roll mill is mainly used for grinding materials of various viscosities and is one of the best wet grinding equipment. The dispersing and emulsification effect of the three-roll mill is excellent, especially for ink, paint, colloid, chocolate, plastic, cosmetics, etc., whether it is liquid slurry or paste material, the three-roll mill can work easily.

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