Sigma Mixer Machine: Horizontal Mixer

Sigma Mixer Machine

The sigma mixer machine is suitable for mixing, kneading, breaking, and diffusing high viscosity elastic-plastic materials. The machine is an ideal equipment for all kinds of chemicals.

Details of Sigma Mixer Machine

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

The sigma mixer machine is an efficient industrial device that uniformly mixes and kneads highly viscous substances to make the mixture uniform and uniform. In reality, it is a horizontal mixer with two blades of sigma or W type, driven by different gears at different speeds and rotating towards each other. Both blades move material in opposite directions, providing excellent material cross-mixing.

Sigma mixer machine manufacturers ensure the manufacturing of a machine to make the mixing process reliable and faster. Its operation is simple, and even the cleaning process is fluid. The machine is made up of durable stainless steel and carbon steel, which is resistant to rust and can be used in difficult conditions. This mixer produces inexpensively, reliably, and with a long service life, which results in even mixing and kneading of highly viscous materials.


How does the sigma mixer machine operate?

The sigma kneader is divided into three types: Normal type, pressure type, and vacuum type. There are two known heating methods where one can choose. The first one is electric or steam, and the second one is the water cooling method. Mixer sigma discharge methods include hydraulic tilt cylinder discharge, manual discharge, ball valve, and screw discharge. The part that comes into contact with the material, such as the discharge type, is stainless steel or carbon steel, which can ensure the purity and quality of the product. The sigma mixer manufacturer uses a “Z” type stirrer, which allows the materials to react quickly and mix evenly.

A double arm sigma mixer, a machine with two arms is equipped with two mixing blades arranged in a horizontal W-shaped bowl. Various blade profiles have been developed whereby each one of these is more suitable for a particular type of application. The most commonly used blades are sigma blades, chew blades, shredder blades, and spiral blades. The rotations of the blade touch each other. If they do not touch each other, then these blades can overlap each other in the channel. The blades rotate towards each other at the same differential speed. A double arm sigma mixer enhances the efficient mixing up of materials to achieve more uniformity.

Application of sigma mixer machine

For kneading, mixing, and spraying with a consistency similar to lumps used in paints, pigments, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods, adhesives, dyes and refractories, rubber, plastics, and related industries. It is suitable. The sigma mixer machine manufacturers perform kneading and mixing of solid and semi-solid materials such as dough, powder, cream, and slurry. This machine can be applied to a mixture of finely ground flour, bechamel sauce, polyester putty, glass paint, silicone, rubber, iron compounds, solvents, liquid soaps, liquid detergents, ceramic powders, and more. Different forms of mixer sigma designs are available based on individual process requirements such as jackets for heating and cooling, extrusion systems for material removal, finished product formation, automatic tilting of containers, and top hoods.

The materials are moved in opposite directions offering the best cross-mixing effect of the materials here. To mix and knead, these devices are considered to be as impeccable.

sigma mixer machine

Advantages of sigma mixer machines

  1. Sigma mixers have excellent mixing and kneading performance in moist, dough, and viscosity materials.
  2. The large-capacity reactor that efficiently processes a large number of products has a large heat exchange surface for the highest surface area to volume ratio possible.

The mixer sigma consists of two blades that extend the entire length of the mixer. One arm is on the other. When on, the upper arm rotates much slower than the lower arm. This helps ensure that the ingredients are not left unmixed. Due to the different blade speeds and rotation patterns, all materials placed in the mixer are removed and mixed. This mixer does this if you need to mix each drop of material in the mixer properly.

The horizontal mixing machine that consists of two sigmas or Z-kind of blades is what this device generally is. There are two gears that are driving for the two blades with a single shaft that is about 1.5 times the other lade here. It also consists of a single powerful motor along with a speed reducer that can drive about two blades in action. The kneader reactor mainly comes with a horizontal tilt that can turn it effectively along with heating the jacket at the exteriors.

Another advantage of the Sigma kneader machine is that it can process a wide variety of materials. Most kneaders are designed to handle liquids, semi-liquids, solids, or lumps and wells.


The sigma mixer machine is a heavy mixer specially designed to evenly mix, blend and knead high viscosity dough and paste type ingredients. Sigma mixers are used to knead putty, epoxy, paints, pigments, adhesives, rubbers, and battery pastes, welding electrode currents, catalyst pastes, plastic compounds, rubber compounds, papads, chocolates, chewing gums, and more.

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Guidelines For Kneader

The dispersion kneader is suited for rubber and plastic mastication, as well as the blending of different rubber and plastic components. Small and medium-sized rubber and plastics manufacturers with a wide range of product types and colours, as well as food, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and ceramics, can benefit from the internal mixer. 

sigma mixer machine
Guidelines For Kneader

Sigma Mixer: Indispensable Equipment For Manufacturing

Sigma Mixer is a type of mixer that uses a unique mixing principle to achieve an efficient blending of materials. The mixer consists of two blades that rotate in opposite directions, creating a kneading and folding action that ensures thorough mixing. The blades are shaped like the Greek letter Sigma, hence the name Sigma Mixer.

sigma mixer machine
Guidelines For Kneader

Sigma Blade Mixer: The Mixing Solution

The Sigma Blade Mixer is a robust and reliable mixing machine that uses a unique mixing principle to achieve superior results. It is a type of double-arm kneading mixer that features two blades that rotate in opposite directions.

mixer kneader
Guidelines For Kneader

Vacuum Kneader: A Machine for Your Mixing Needs

The Vacuum Kneader is a type of mixer that utilizes a vacuum chamber to create a homogeneous mix of ingredients. It is designed to knead, mix, and disperse high-viscosity materials under vacuum conditions, resulting in a superior product.

mixer kneader
Guidelines For Kneader

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Dispersion Kneader

The dispersion kneader has complete control over the mixing and blending of the raw materials to create an even mix that allows for better distribution. This device contains a mixing chamber with rotating blades made of high-quality steel.

mixer kneader
Guidelines For Kneader

Vacuum kneader: high efficiency and environmental protection

A vacuum kneader is mainly used for stirring, mixing, and kneading high-viscosity and elastic-plastic materials. The most common fields include high-viscosity sealant, silicone rubber, neutral acid glass glue, chewing gum, bubble gum, aluminum silver paste, silica gel, paper pulp, cellulose, and other materials. It covers food, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronic paste, and other industries, and has been sought after by the industry.

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