Functionality and efficiency of FRANLI 3 roll mill

The 3 Roll Mill is used for various purposes such as grinding and unlocking all sorts of pigments such as; decorative coating, UV inks, offset printing ink, and lubricants. Various chemical organizations, ranging from medium to high viscosity, broadly use 3 roll mill. Moreover, this machine can also trap the highest color in cosmetics, lipstick, and electronic industries. This machine is easy to use, clean and safe.

An overview of 3 Roll Mill

It has different series of this machine including; manual Triple Roller Mill, Hydraulic type, and lab type. They have been modified with unique features to enable them to attain various requirements. These series come with suitable characteristics to make the machine more advantageous.
This series includes;
Vertical three roll mill

Hydraulic series:

A hydraulic series is a model that operates on an automated control system. It has a sole cooling system for each roller of the machine, enabling a reliable cooling system. It also regulates the opening between the rollers and monitors the pressure in the blades hence allowing a complete hydraulic system. The Siemens located in the PLC system touches the machine screens enabling faster and voluntary installation. It provides an improved heating system for rubber, PVS, and even color masterbatch through hydraulic series. A quality and reliable gear is predominantly designed by this type of equipment, due to the grinding of higher viscidity materials. These materials are heated mainly through oil or steam.

There is a manual triple roller mill model which encompasses S, triple, and SG machines. This machine functions as a case whereby the opening of the roller is controlled by adjusting the wheels. The SG machine operates by transferring the gears that soak in the oil, enabling the machine to stay longer in operation with less noise. This mechanism enhances environmental sustainability and resilience. A thermometer installed on the SG machine constantly monitors the temperature of the material, hence, controlling the cooling system. There is a chiller connected to the roller meant to remove the heat of the material. This machine usually attains 10-20um when it first goes through grinding. The triple roller mill transfers gears using grease. It is not the best for checking the wheel chain well. Though, it can function well in soap and printing companies. Engineers and professional experts within the Company have established proper formulations for grinding particles in conformity with various viscous materials. The lab type has a PLC system that functions when the screen is touched. Cosmetic, medicine, ink, and electronic companies use this machine for grinding. Its smallness in size, automated digital number operation, which is secured, quicker and cleaner, has been customized to attain various material requirements.
Hydraulic three roll mill

Lab type machines:

Lab type machines operate in various ways ranging from homogenizing, venting to grinding. It has an intrinsic performance due to its state-of-art control, smooth design, and stainless steel parts. It is a perfect model for mixing electronic thick film inks, high-performance ceramics, cosmetics, paints, printing inks, adhesives, chemicals, food, and many other viscosity materials. It works by dispersing all kinds of agglomerates and grinding the particle sizes of smaller sizes, enabling greater smooth particles of high quality. Additionally, Company manufactures machines that are of vertical shapes, which are used for grinding powder and chocolate. One can get three rollers, four rollers, and up to five rollers that have a vertical shape.
Lab three roll mill
These machines are steady in operation, complete auto-control system, PLC system, and production of reliable quality results. The company operates on a global brand of quality standards. Such brands include; SKF bearings, ABB VFD, Siemens Motor, SEW, or Nord reducer. A roller has a metal of thickness between 45-55 mm. Due to an already installed PLC system in the machine, numbers are selected by touching the screen. Selecting a wide range of ceramic alloy granite rollers for the material saves time since there will be no more time wasted controlling the pressure in blades or adjusting the roller’s gap. In terms of the feeding system, the company provides a variety of options that are suitable for materials with various viscosities. A pressing machine, which is also known as extruding, has a feeding system that is positioned on the peak of a sole reducer motor. If the material that you’re using has a wild high viscosity and generates a small batch, then the manufacturer suggests using a manual scrapper to feed the material on the roller.
Manual three roll mill
Finally, these machines meet the diverse needs of various industries, such as food processing, particle size reduction, chemistry, electrical engineering, soap, and many other industries that require particle size reduction. It works best in the chemical industry. Offset printing does not require a servo motor; on the contrary, it only needs to grind three to five times. The device needs ink to run faster at work. This model of 3 Roll Mill works differently, depending on the machine used. For instance, Lab type operates by just touching the screen. Therefore, it is easy to use, and faster compared to a manual triple roller which functions when the roller gap is adjusted regularly. To summarize, this machine has more advantages such as;
● generation of less heat
● environmentally friendly due to less noise
● moisture loss is less
● The best for energy saving.

The packaging company is a standard export wooden box situated next to the port of Shanghai. It offers fast delivery and cheaper shipping costs. It offers the best machine that works with greater speed and precision. Most companies prefer machines that do not require additional labor and also yield effective returns. In this case, we recommend Franli Company for quality services. It has a team of competent customer service representatives that ensure a satisfactory customer relationship. When you are ready to buy a grinder for your material, then this is the best place for you. Do not hesitate to get in touch with them as they can be trusted to help you choose the most suitable 3 Roll Mill for your material. Don’t forget to place your order as soon as possible.

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