Major points you need to know about Ointment Mill

Ointment mill is one of the best machines and it was designed for the compounders who have to prepare mills in large amounts. Ointment mill helps you to do all the processes in a very efficient and possible manner. The best thing about the Ointment Mill machine is that it has helpful features, aluminum oxide rollers, and a precise gap alignment system. All these features can be calibrated by using the self-calibrating mechanism.

Ointment lab three roll mill

Ointment lab three roll mill

These are few features of the ointment mill that will help you to know more about it:

● It has aluminum oxide rollers.

● It will come up with the features like speed control, clear-jam reverse, count-up, count-down timer, digital control panel with Start\Stop.

● You will get the spring release apron system which collects compounds from the rollers.

● It has a front-mounted emergency stop button for any critical situation.

● You will get a gap alignment system with 9 gap increments.

● For operational qualification, you will get a self-calibration kit.

● It allows about 10-400 microns self-calibration for gap size adjustment.
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three roll mill operation

Ointment Mill Process:

It is a machine that shears force to reduce the size of the particles, homogenize viscous material, and also disperse agglomerates. When a three-roller rotates horizontally in the opposite direction, it creates shear forces, they all are at a different speed. For the narrow particle size distribution, the whole product should be pulled through the gap of the rollers. You can adjust the size of the particle by changing the gap width of the rolling mill.


● In the first process, you have to place the premixed product in the hopper.

● You have to put the product between the feeding and center rollers for fine particles.

● After this, the product is put to the gap of the front roller and the roller.

● The product will be ground and homogenized for the second time in that gap.

● Now the final product is moved by the scraper system from the front roller.
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Which is the best time to replace your scrapers?

It is very important for the business that the ointment mills keep performing. So you just have to take care of the mills by changing the worn-out and scrap parts on the time. Let us tell you 6 months is the most preferred time to check and replace the scrap parts of the ointment mill.

How to select the right ointment mill?

Many people get confused as they don’t know which ointment mill is best for them. You have to go with the ceramic roller for grinding your material as it is of mental paste and electronic paste. We provide two types of ointment mills, the first one is a digital control gap and the second one is a handwheel. The best thing is that they also work as safe scraper sockets. We are providing space-saving models so that they will be very convenient for you. If you want an easy cleaning method then you can dip the tray of the mill.
It is at the top while choosing the best ointment for your work. It is a tool that provides stable working to your business. It is working with rollers, discharging the plate and the ceramic hopper. You will love this as it is more effective and more complete as well.

● PLC Lab three roll mill

The best thing is that the optional roller can be easily cooled and heated. You can control its speed digitally through your phone and laptop.

● Smallest size three roll mill

Let us tell you SD50 is one of the most amazing and small labs of the three roll mills. You can use digital methods to control the speed of the mill. Apart from this, you can also go with the handwheel gap.

● Traditional lab three roll mill

You will get the SS or painted outside portion of the machine, it lasts longer than other machines. We also provide a roll mill with an alloy roller so that it will not ruin by rust. The best thing is that it is available in a very affordable price range.

● Related machines

It is a high-speed disperser lab machine that has a handwheel lifting, disc, and SS shaft. You will get the digital methods to control the speed of the mill, and it is a free small SS tank.

● Colorimeter

The accuracy of the machine is <0.03, and it is portable as well.

● Glass reactor

Every machine has a specific temperature range that works at its best level. In the same way, a glass reactor has a temperature range of -40 degrees to 200 degrees celsius.
Guide the use of three roll mill on site

Guide the use of three roll mill on site


● Increase durability and the productivity

If you want to increase the efficiency of your ointment roll mill, you must have to buy an extra roller set. It will give you the proper time to prepare the rollers for the second use. The ointment rollers are hollow, and you can submerge them in water. Make sure you are taking care of the gap alignment as it will remain the same and solid when removed from the machine.

● Emergency stop

You have to go with the ointment mill that has an emergency stop. So whenever the machine gets overloaded, it will shut down automatically and prevent itself from further damage.

● Aluminum oxide rollers

If you want to work with the machinery for the long term, you must prefer solid aluminum oxide rollers. They are durable and less porous as well. If you are searching for a roller mill that is easy to clean, aluminum oxide rollers are the best option for you.

If you want to know more about the ointment roll mill, you must have to visit Franli. It is one of the best places to buy the best machinery roll mills for your business. They are providing rolls mills of different metals so that buyers can get the desired product, you can check their site. If you have any queries, you can use the chatbot option provided on the site.

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