Multi-Shaft Mixers | For Processing High Viscosity Materials

Multi Shaft Mixers

Multi-shaft mixers are versatile and efficient mixing equipment widely used in various industries for the production of a diverse range of products. These mixers are designed to handle high-viscosity materials and ensure thorough blending and dispersion. The multi-shaft configuration, with its multiple agitators and shafts, provides enhanced mixing efficiency, increased throughput, and the ability to customize the mixing process to specific needs, resulting in high-quality and consistent products.

Advantages of Multi-Shaft Mixer

  • Which can mix the material ≤1,000,000 cps, stronger power, fully mixing high viscosity. 
  • The Teflon scrapper on the low speed (butterfly mixer), scraping the wall of the tank also bottom of the tank.
  • The stainless steel round cover with vacuum system, to remove the foam and air, sight view glass, feeding system hole. 

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

A multi-shaft mixer is an industrial mixing machine that utilizes multiple independently driven mixing shafts to achieve highly intensive mixing action. Capable of thoroughly blending even very challenging formulations, the multi-shaft mixer is an invaluable tool for various industries and applications requiring precision mixing.

How it Works

At the heart of the multi-shaft mixer is its unique multi-shaft design. Rather than a single mixing shaft, two or more shafts are installed within the mixing vessel and driven independently at different speeds. Each shaft features specially designed mixing tools like paddles, pins, or discs that create intense shear forces as they rotate in opposing directions.

This counter-rotating multi-shaft action generates an extremely vigorous mixing energy within the vessel. Materials are subjected to high shear rates and folding motions that break up lumps, disperse solids, and thoroughly wet out powders. The result is fast, complete blending even of very difficult-to-mix formulations.

Key Benefits

– Superior Mixing Performance
The intense multi-shaft mixing action achieves blending results far beyond what’s possible with single-shaft mixers. It handles even very challenging mixes with ease.

– Short Mixing Times
Formulations that previously took hours can now be blended in just minutes using a multi-shaft mixer’s powerful mixing energy. This improves production efficiency.

– Gentle on Heat-Sensitive Materials
Lower overall mixing temperatures are generated compared to high-shear single-shaft mixers, protecting ingredients that could degrade from excess heat.

– Sanitary and Easy-Cleaning Design
Seamless construction and lack of interior obstructions in the mixing chamber simplify cleaning and reduce contamination risks.

– Variable Speed Control
Independent speed adjustment of each shaft allows tailoring the mixing energy for different applications and scales.

– Continuous or Batch Operation
Models are available for both continuous flow-through processing as well as batch mixing in stationary vessels.

Common Applications

Pharmaceuticals – Thoroughly blending active ingredients with excipients, producing homogeneous wet granulations and dry blends for tableting.

Food Processing – Developing consistent, smooth-textured doughs, batters, fillings, and other formulations requiring dispersion of solids.
Cosmetics – Efficiently incorporating pigments and powders into lotions, creams, and other personal care products.
Chemicals – Intensively mixing reactants, polymers, resins, and other chemicals with precision.
Nutraceuticals – Developing supplements, sports nutrition products, and functional foods with uniform distribution of ingredients.
Paints & Coatings – Dispersing pigments, extenders, and additives into liquid coatings with speed and homogeneity.

Food Processing
For applications like dough, batter, and filling production, a multi-shaft mixer efficiently develops viscosity and texture through the dispersion of solids like flour, starch, or fruit pieces. Its gentle yet thorough mixing prevents damage to heat-sensitive ingredients. Continuous models are well-suited to commercial-scale food manufacturing.

Cosmetic Formulation
Emulsions, lotions, and other personal care products require uniform incorporation of ingredients like oils, waxes, pigments, and powders. The multi-shaft mixer’s intense shear yet temperature control handles these challenging mixes with precision. Its sanitary design also meets stringent regulations.

Chemical Production
Synthesizing polymers, resins, and other chemicals involves intimately mixing monomers and reactants, often at elevated temperatures and pressures. The multi-shaft mixer’s powerful blending capabilities provide homogeneous, reproducible reactions at production scales.

multi-shaft mixers deliver unparalleled mixing performance for applications requiring fast, complete blending of difficult formulations. Their intense yet controllable mixing energy handles an extremely wide range of industries and processes. Contact us to discuss your specific mixing challenges.

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Guidelines For Multi Shaft Mixer

FRANLI customized different kinds of multi-shaft mixers for more than 300+ customers. This kind of machine works in the coating industry, medicine industry, cosmetic industry, and other high technology chemical industries.

Plateform Multi-Shaft Mixer
Guidelines For Multi-Shaft Mixer

What is a Multi-Shaft Mixer?

A multi-shaft mixer is a type of industrial mixer that has more than one mixing shaft. These mixers are designed to mix multiple ingredients simultaneously, allowing for more efficient and effective mixing.

Dual Shaft Mixer
Guidelines For Multi-Shaft Mixer

Dual Shaft Mixer – Dispersion & Stirring

The dual shaft mixer is the best mixer to dissolve the specific ingredients with appropriate shear capacity. This activity is performed by the high-speed shafts situated in the mixer and provides you with the perfect uniformity of the product. It also contains an Anchor agitator and a High-Speed Disperser that offer you the best quality and consistency.

Triple Shaft Mixer
Guidelines For Multi-Shaft Mixer

Triple Shaft Mixer | anchor type, butterfly type & frame type

The FRANLI triple shaft mixer extends the working area by adding a rotating stator mixer with a large displacement or a second quick distributor. High shear stator and rotary mixer can emulsify and homogenize products that require higher shear forces to reduce particles into smaller sizes.

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