Multi-Shaft Mixer: Solution for Enhanced Mixing Efficiency

Multi Shaft Mixers

The multi-shaft mixer is a powerful blending device that combines multiple mixing elements, enabling more efficient and thorough mixing of various materials. It is engineered to be comparatively simple, effective, and economical, offering enhanced processing capabilities for a wide range of products. This versatile machine comprises two or more independently driven agitators working in tandem, providing a unique and adaptable solution for various industrial applications.

Advantages of Multi-Shaft Mixer

  • Which can mix the material ≤1,000,000 cps, stronger power, fully mixing high viscosity. 
  • The Teflon scrapper on the low speed (butterfly mixer), scraping the wall of the tank also bottom of the tank.
  • The stainless steel round cover with vacuum system, to remove the foam and air, sight view glass, feeding system hole. 

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

Multi-shaft mixers are designed to handle materials with varying viscosities, making them suitable for a diverse set of products. These mixers typically consist of a low-speed anchor that complements one or two high-shear devices, such as a saw-tooth disperser blade. The combination of different agitators allows for efficient dispersion, dissolution, and mixing of materials, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the final product.

The design of the multi-shaft mixer enables it to address the challenge of processing highly viscous materials. For instance, when the batch material becomes too viscous to flow freely to the agitators, the multi-shaft mixer provides an effective solution by utilizing a system consisting of agitators that move through all the points, ensuring thorough mixing and dispersion.

Operating Principle

The intensive shearing, crashing, and friction force generated between the particles in a multi-shaft mixer facilitate efficient dispersion, dissolution, and mixing of materials. The stirring discs, along with the combination of low-speed and high-shear agitators, work in unison to achieve the desired level of homogeneity and uniformity in the mixed product.


Multi-shaft mixers find application in a wide range of industries, including adhesives, coatings, inks, and various chemical processes. These mixers are particularly well-suited for products with complex rheological properties and those that require thorough dispersion and uniform mixing. For instance, materials such as hot-melt adhesives, thermal compounds, reinforced plastics, and industrial sealants are typically processed using multi-shaft mixers due to their unique mixing capabilities and efficiency


The benefits of using a multi-shaft mixer include enhanced mixing efficiency, reduced energy consumption, improved product quality, and minimized operational costs. The ability of these mixers to handle highly viscous materials, provide thorough dispersion, and ensure uniform mixing makes them an indispensable asset for manufacturers seeking efficient and high-quality mixing solutions

The multi-shaft mixer is a versatile and efficient blending device that offers enhanced processing capabilities for a wide range of products. Its unique design, operating principle, and ability to handle highly viscous materials make it a valuable asset in various industrial applications, ensuring thorough dispersion, dissolution, and uniform mixing of materials.

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Guidelines For Multi Shaft Mixer

FRANLI customized different kinds of multi-shaft mixers for more than 300+ customers. This kind of machine works in the coating industry, medicine industry, cosmetic industry, and other high technology chemical industries.

Plateform Multi-Shaft Mixer
Guidelines For Multi-Shaft Mixer

What is a Multi-Shaft Mixer?

A multi-shaft mixer is a type of industrial mixer that has more than one mixing shaft. These mixers are designed to mix multiple ingredients simultaneously, allowing for more efficient and effective mixing.

Dual Shaft Mixer
Guidelines For Multi-Shaft Mixer

Dual Shaft Mixer – Dispersion & Stirring

The dual shaft mixer is the best mixer to dissolve the specific ingredients with appropriate shear capacity. This activity is performed by the high-speed shafts situated in the mixer and provides you with the perfect uniformity of the product. It also contains an Anchor agitator and a High-Speed Disperser that offer you the best quality and consistency.

Triple Shaft Mixer
Guidelines For Multi-Shaft Mixer

Triple Shaft Mixer | anchor type, butterfly type & frame type

The FRANLI triple shaft mixer extends the working area by adding a rotating stator mixer with a large displacement or a second quick distributor. High shear stator and rotary mixer can emulsify and homogenize products that require higher shear forces to reduce particles into smaller sizes.

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