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Dyno Mill

The Dyno mill is a horizontally processing container agitating bead mill that is used for diffusing and high wet grinding. This mill can handle a wide range of viscous pumpable materials, from higher to lower viscosity.

Details of Dyno mill

  • The frame of Dyno Mill
  • Grinding system of Dyno Mill
  • Double mechanical seal of Dyno Mill
  • The transmission system of the Dyno Mill
  • Grinding cylinder of Dyno Mill

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

The dyno Mill is a practical mechanical device that is extensively utilised in today’s small and large businesses to assist provide rich and productive outputs. Although we all understand, the Industrial Sector has risen to great heights as a result of technological advancements; the reason for this is the mechanical appliances employed by companies, which may have enabled their job much simpler than in the past.

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The dyno Mill is a device that is used to break down solid materials into smaller parts through the processes of cutting, crushing, then polishing. Industries employ a variety of mills, one of which is the dyno mill, which performs a similar job. The pulping of resources, expanding the contact area of a material, and manufacture of solids according to the desired grain size are all part of the Dyno mill machining operation. In CHINA, the best Dyno Mill suppliers and parts suppliers.

Thousands of Dyno mill producers work tirelessly in India to provide the best products appropriate for a wide range of applications, all while ensuring the long-term effectiveness of Dyno mills. It excels in smoothly carrying out complicated grinding procedures. A Dyno mill machine effectively completes the complex and arduous grinding operation that is impossible to complete manually.

It is put together with the help of big technological abilities and notable characteristics, making it dependable and long-lasting equipment. It renders with a horizontal grinding of materials that is even. Another grinding device is the vertical dyno mill, which varies in that it allows for material grinding in the vertical direction.

Zirconia beads

It may be found in a wide range of applications, including:

● Industry of Paint

● Industry of Food

● Industry of Ink

● Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

● Industry of Paper and Plastic

● Coating for audio and videotapes

The Dyno mill may be used in a variety of ways to provide precise cutting and grinding results. Dyno mills are extremely profitable and significant in providing a bright future for industries, allowing Indian Dyno mill producers to compete on a worldwide level.

Dyno Mill Manufacturers in CHINA

The Dyno mill is a horizontally processing container agitating bead mill that is used for diffusing and high wet grinding. This mill can handle a wide range of viscous pumpable materials, from higher to lower viscosity. The energy necessary for diffusing and wet grinding is transferred to the sphere grinding beads by specifically designed agitation discs placed evenly on a spindle in this machine. Ink, paint, food, pharmaceuticals, and a variety of other sectors employ this mill technology and grinding bead separating systems. FRANLI is the place to go if you’re looking for the top Dyno Mill Manufacturers in CHINA.

From tiny production models to large factories for invention plants, dyno mill price comes in a multitude of forms, sizes, and capabilities.

Advantages Of Dyno Mill

We are indeed an established Dyno Mill manufacturing company In CHINA for a variety of plants and companies:

● A system that is completely enclosed

● High productivity

● Operation is simple, and maintenance is a breeze.

● Grinding container and agitator discs with the most precise shape

● Every application has a mill size that is right for it.

● In the process of distributing liquid goods in tiny quantities to carriers, the vertical blender mixer is also signed.

Manufacturers and suppliers of dyno mills who are professional and skilled

Technology has provided numerous benefits, resulting in a boost in the country’s economy. The industrial sector has grown significantly in response to technological advancements and creativity. With the usage of cutting-edge technologies and machinery, the given direction is improving with each day. Dyno mill is one of those industrial devices that has made industry jobs easier to manage in a short period. It is a useful gadget that has aided in the elimination of manual labour.

A dyno mill is a piece of equipment that is used to grind, cut, or crush solid materials into tiny bits. The Dyno Mill working principle is capable of managing complex grinding processes with ease.

The following functions are included in the dyno mill process:

● Materials are broken down.

● Materials Separation

● Material dimensions

● Aggregate materials classification

The dyno mill is a highly efficient mechanical device that is often employed in industry to efficiently operate large-scale processes. It is designed with outstanding features and qualities to run smoothly and produce the best results.

The following are some of the most essential characteristics of the Dyno Mill:

● It offers horizontally uniform and fine grinding in an enclosed space.

● For various uses, numerous forms and sizes are available.

● It is used in a wide range of industries and production plants, from small to large.

● The machine’s parts are easily interchangeable and need little maintenance.

● Highly effective and user-friendly.

Stainless steel, chrome-plated stainless steel, and synthetic materials are used to construct the installed pieces, which have shown to be extremely durable and non-corrosive.

There are hundreds of dyno mill suppliers and manufacturers who specialise in producing high-quality and dependable dyno mills. They produce efficient dyno mills that may be utilised in a variety of applications.

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Ability to operate very sticky products more efficiently

The result of a combo of improved bead circulation and a considerably larger merge area facilitating flow across the screening. As a function, the capacity to process very thick materials has been improved.

The pellets’ controlled axial airflow across the wall surface eliminates dirt particles from filter media, leading to improved flow throughout the screening. Even though this personality action eliminates blockage, the free movement through to the screens is not decreased. As a result, a rise in tension, which might occur with very thick materials, is prevented.

Franli is in the industry of producing and providing high-quality vertical dyno mills, with the goal of becoming a leader in our area. It’s a dispersal and small wet grinding container agitating beads mill that grinds vertically. With us products are meticulously designed by our expert engineers for strength and durability. Ink, paint, food, audio and videotape coating, and pharmaceutical production are just a few of the uses for our product. Customers can choose from a number of styles and sizes for their vertical Dyno Mills.

Welcome to send inquiry to us and let’s make a win win business together !

Guidelines For Bead Mill

Bead Mill(sand mill) helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material. Self-cycling cooling system. Don’t need the cooling pump. Franli produces Disc Bead Mill, Pin Bead mill, Turbine Nano Bead mill, etc. Optional material of inner chamber and disc: hardness Alloy, Zirconia, PU.

Sand Mill Machine|dyno mill
Guidelines For Bead mill


Dyno mill is nothing but an agitator bead mill. It is widely used in the production of paints, coatings, agrochemistry, and pharmaceutical products.

pearl mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Role of Pearl Mill in the Nano Industry

Pearl Mill can handle both high and low viscosity materials. One is for Nano grinding materials, while the other is for high viscosity materials like offset ink. The operation of the Pearl Mill is straightforward, and all maintenance; may be handled quickly and efficiently. Adding grinding media from the feeding hole is simple.

Bead mill for cosmetics
Guidelines For Bead mill

Guide to Bead Mills

The Bead mill is one of the main grindings and dispersing equipment in paint production. Bead mills for coatings are mainly divided into four categories: vertical, horizontal, basket, and special-shaped bead mills.

Sand Mill Machine|dyno mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Dyno Mill|Coating & Inks

Dyno mill is a type of bead mill machine which is used in the coating industry specifically, in the manufacturing of inks products.

lab bead mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

The structure and type of laboratory bead mill

The laboratory bead mill in the chemical experimental equipment, also known as the lab sand mill, is a kind of grinding equipment compared with the bead mill for industrial production.

SMP Agitator bead mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

High Viscosity Material Grinding – Bar Pin Bead Mill

The bar pin bead mill is a machine suitable for ultra-fine dispersion and nano-scale grinding of water-based and solvent-based materials. The bar pin bead mill is one of the most widely used production types of equipment. With its very stable performance and sophisticated technology, it has been recognized by a wide range of users. The key thing to know is the characteristics of the bar pin bead mill, which is also the key to people’s favor of it.

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