Speed test of FRANLI Twin shaft disperser

Quality Control and Testing Each Part of Twin Shaft Disperser before shipment. The rotation speed test is also one of the key points. The speed test of the FRANLI Twin-shaft disperser is mainly carried out through the video method.

Prepare for operation: This Twin-shaft disperser has 1 electrical cabinet and 1 fully explosion-proof operating box. Electrical cabinets are located in the distribution rooms or other areas isolated from the site. Fully explosion-proof operating boxes are placed on platforms or walls. A qualified electrician is required. Connect wires according to electrical schematic. Add 46# hydraulic oil at the oil mark of the hydraulic station to check whether there is any lubricant in the reducer (added before leaving the factory).

Commissioning: Check the correct wiring of the oil pump motor by clicking the up button, then push the up button to raise the equipment to the highest position and check whether the up limit is working. Press the down button again and reciprocate 2-3 times to check whether the equipment shakes or crawls while rising or falling. Turn the start buttons of the main engine and the scraper motor respectively to check whether the rotation direction is counterclockwise or not. Press the operating buttons of the main engine and the scraper motor respectively and rotate the speed control button to the right slowly to 300-500 RPM to check the stability of the whole machine, then rotate slowly to the highest point to check whether the whole machine is running smoothly and whether there are abnormal noises. If so, stop running and run after troubleshooting.

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