8 Ways To Maintain Your Sigma Mixer Machine

Sigma Mixer Machine

The sigma mixer machine is one of a kind in terms of processing modern industrial mixes. It is now possible to mix a solid, liquid, and even gas into other kinds of mixtures with the right kind of equipment.

Details of Sigma Mixer Machine

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

Although efficient mixing can be a bit difficult in terms of achieving it at the industrial height, it has to be noted that mixing potentially is now possible. The designing along with the improvement over the mixing processes, there is a lot of engineering effort that goes in.

In industries for hygienic processing, the mixing of the liquid frequently takes place. In the food & beverage industry, along with the dairy, and pharmaceutical ones, mixing of the liquid significantly takes place with the help of the sigma mixer machine.

There is various kind of mixers that are now available. But proper maintenance is of the utmost requirement of the industry. You can save thousands in the long run, but without the right kind of maintenance plan, your unit can significantly wear off. Today, we bring for you eight kinds of maintenance techniques that can help you maintain your unit in the most significant way.

1. Check the lubrication components of the sigma mixer machine

The checks over the lubricating levels can make sure that the parts that are moving within this mixer are specifically lubricated to help in extending the life of your mixer, adding a few years. Replacing the parts which form the major driving components can easily replace them with the ones that are expensive here. Keep a great focus on the lubrication that works around the drive along with the shaft bearing and reducer of the sigma mixer machine. Check out these levels as you set them aside time once every month.

2. Maintain the Seal

The ingredients are kept within the mixer, along with safeguarding the movement of the shaft with the help of the mixer as well as the agitator. Materials will tend to escape, or there will be a shift with the alignment of the shaft if there is damage made on the seal. Each of them will depend on what the machine has here as there are different kinds of mixer seals that are available in this industry today.

sigma mixer machine

3. Monitor the Drive System Tension

One of the highly valuable components that are considered here is the drive system of the sigma mixer machine. One of the ideal maintenance tips that should be kept in mind is in keeping the belt, reducer, as well as chain and sprocket mechanism well lubricated as it is one of the best ingredient systems that is involved here. It is extremely vital to have your system checked regularly as it can determine its ongoing for years to come. The sprocket of the sigma mixer machine can be damaged, or the belt can be burnt if they are extremely loose. They will also be starting to wear off the bearings prematurely if the belt or the chain slip here is quite loose. Always keep in mind that the tension should be kept under the recommendations of the sigma mixer machine manufacturers like Franli and check them on a time basis to make sure they are correct.

4. Inspect the Discharge Gate Operation

There would be general deposits of dirt, dust, as well as foreign objects that can get accumulated in the discharge gate, creating a blockage. Always ensure that the gate is completely closed or even opened up with the use of the limit switch. Make sure that it can open and close in a proper way as you observe the discharge gate here. The material can remain within this mixer sigma here if the gate fails on opening completely. The material can even leak off if the gate is not completely closed.

5. Safeguard the Mixer Tub of sigma mixer machine

The body of the machinery here also forms the critical part of the proper ingredient system maintenance for the mixer. The machine can be of any kind with the body damaged if the agitator here is closer up to the walls. Foreign objects and even bits of metal and smaller rocks can damage the sigma mixer machine while it is being operated here.

6. Cleaner Intervents

The dispatched air can easily escape as the ingredients enter the mixer here. The intervents here can become clogged with dust easily. So you need to make sure that it is cleaned on a regular basis allowing air to escape along with the ingredients entering the mixer quite easily within the sigma mixer machine. The dry materials can easily create clouds of dust as they can escape through the other exits here if the air is prevented from escaping through the intervents. There are greater risks of fire and explosions through the introduction of dust.

7. Inspect Electrical Components of the sigma mixer machine

Look out for any kind of breaks in the electrical cords. The cords oftentimes get in the way as people, as well as the machines here, are moving around the facilities. The workers would be exposed to greater risks of shocks and fire with the broken electrical cord, which is mainly a safety hazard. The clogged intervents can create clouds of dust with the two seemingly smaller issues that can pose greater threats, including an explosion or a fire of the sigma mixer machine.

8. Inspect the Coefficient of Variation

Inspect the coefficiency of the variations, which is one of the ideal ways in which you can make sure that the mixer is working in a proper way. Always take a number of samples of your mix, sending them back at the lab to check out the CB here once a year. It would thereby appear to be like an overly meticulous step here as it can show whether the sigma mixture machine is working in a proper way or not.
You might also be able to pace up the mixing time to meet the new range of speed if the process changes here.

The maintenance of the sigma mixer machine can appear as a time-consuming process, but setting aside a bit of the time here for these tasks will form this maintenance appearing a lot more manageable here. The time, energy, along money should also be considered here in terms of replacing or even repairing the mixer that is not maintained in a decent way. You need to set aside the time taken for the maintenance work as you compare both of them.

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sigma mixer machine
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