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The industrial equipment that is being conceived in terms of preparing pastry dough or another kind of product is the double planetary mixer. A double planetary mixer is also responsible in terms of replacing manual labor with the help of a mechanical system, allowing the production of continuous larger quantities of dough. It is how the double planetary mixer had evolved.

Double planetary mixer manufacturing workshopDouble planetary mixer manufacturing workshop

The following are the composition for the machine here:

· Bowl for the placement of ingredients

· Elements to mix with

· Motors to start the whisk and bowel movements

There is also the interconnection of the technical processes that allow the operators to gain complete control over the mixing and the labor processes.

Through the system that is used in the tool that helps to mix the dough within the planetary direction for the rotation is from which the name planetary mixer is derived. If you are looking to produce pastry products, including creams, batters, and other kinds of desserts, then you need to have the faster, larger, and most powerful rotational movements, which are only achieved through the planetary mixers.

These mixers have a unique, novel form of mixing with the kettle that has two or 3 levels of pulp leaf mixer, automatic scraper, as well, as an agitator in the body axis all around the vessel revolution as they are new, highly efficient, and no dead-dead equipment for mixing. This way, they can operate at different levels of speed around their own axis in terms of high rotational speed so that the material here within the kettle can perform the complex movements with the efficiencies for the strong shearing as well as rubbing that is mainly done many times of that of the ordinary mixer here.

vacuum planetary mixer factoryvacuum planetary mixer factory

There are generally two low-speed agitators for a planetary mixer with the twists, frame, and oblique blades are the common kind of vacuum planetary mixer.

Various features

· Higher mixing efficiencies

It is one of the highly vital and alluring aspects of these mixers here, with their higher rates of efficiencies. There are mixing arms that are moving over a complex track are included in these mixers here. It is through the gearbox that controls these mixing arms. In terms of mixing the concrete mainly due to their uniqueness in structures is where these mixing arms are used in.

· Capacity to drive steadily

It is through the hard surface gearbox that controls the complete mixer that is done in this powerful method. The mixer, therefore, offers a steady drive that is the other alluring aspect of this mixing equipment.

· Ease of maintenance

It is mainly at the top of the mixing drum is where the transmission system for the vacuum planetary mixer is located, and it is disconnected completely from that of the concrete. It is, therefore, pretty easy in terms of maintenance of these mixers as there is hardly any kind of leakage issues within these mixers. The structure of the mixer makes sure of the optimum level of performance and is crafted uniquely that in terms reduces their maintenance.

· Homogeneous Mixing

A different set of groups of mixing arms are there within the mixing blades, and therefore it makes sure of greater levels of performance. The complete area for mixing is covered by these arms, guaranteeing the best and completion of the mixing processes.

· Multi-discharge modes

Multi-discharge mode is also a significant feature of this mixer here, including the doors that can be pneumatically, manually, and hydraulically operations. Terms of customizing these machines on the basis of the individual requirements are also possible here. The stores available online are also offering various customizable products that can be selected on the basis of the distinctive needs of the customers.

Frame type double planetary mixerFrame type double planetary mixer

These are the devices that are used massively by the construction sites, as well as the other industries.

Working principle of planetary mixer

It is very easy in terms of the principle in which the planetary mixer operations as they mainly have two to three multi-hinged blades when the revolution and the rotation are enabled through the paddles operating at the same time to allow the material to flow up as well as down and around the inner cylinders reaching the effect of mixing in a pretty short time.

The larger vertical lathe finishing is created by the planetary mixer cylinder walls as they can be polishing at the automatic level through the large-scale machine processing units. The material over the inner wall of the cylinder here is a total scrape to make sure that the active blade of the planet carrier is working.

For the pasting, high-density materials, mixing, kneading, etc., is where the vacuum planetary mixer is used in.

Claw type double planetary mixerClaw type double planetary mixer

Role of planetary mixer in industries

The type of chemical mixing machine is what the industrial planetary mixer is supposedly is. It is a multi-functional and new mixer for homogenous mixes.

The following are the myriad kind of applications this machine has:

1. Energy

They are used in terms of the materials from the paste or batteries.

2. Electronics

They are used in the ceramic slurry, magnetic materials, electronic adhesives, electrical as well as the electronic parts potting, precious metal powder, and many more.

3. Chemicals

They are used in every kind of adhesives, sealants, rubber, ink, wax product, and more.

4. Pharmaceutical products

For all kinds of polymer gels, soft creams, dental products, and more.

5. Cosmetics, cosmetic products

They are used for lip balm, mascara, gels, moisturizer, nail polish, soap, toothpaste, and more.

6. Food

They are used for various pastes, jam, chocolate syrup, and more.

double planetary mixerdouble planetary mixer

Franli is the best company that is offering this kind of mixing equipment and more. The planetary mixers can also be used for various other purposes, in addition to being used in the industrial sections. Vacuum kind of mixers is also manufactured and supplied by this company. One of the highly innovative designs that they have ever made is through the vacuum mixer that helps in the mixing of homogenous materials.

Online is the best place where a massive spectrum of mixer devices can be used, and they are available at affordable rates too. So, it is important to select the device on the basis of the purpose met as well as the specifications.


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