Guidelines For Chemical Reactor

Chemical Reactor

Single-layer glass reactor|Installation & maintenance

The single-layer glass reactor can provide a high-temperature reaction, and the maximum temperature can reach 300 ° C, and it also has the effect of a vacuum, so a negative pressure reaction can be made. The single-layer glass reactor can carry out various chemical reactions under constant temperature conditions, and the whole process will be very stable. Reflux or distillation can be done at different temperatures

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ss reactor

FRANLI Stainless Steel Reactor

FRANLI stainless steel reactor is composed of four components: inner storage tank, jacket, stirring device, and support seat. According to the processing technology, the structure with thermal insulation must be adopted. The stainless steel reactor is divided into strip type, paddle type, turbo type, scraper type, and combined type. The rotating structure can use a cycloid reducer, which can meet the unique reflection requirements of various materials.

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