Instructions For Use of Nano Bead Mill

Nano Bead Mill

Nano bead mill is mainly used for the grinding of wet materials and some very fine powder materials, such as the paint industry, the finely ground materials can be directly used in the next process, which can greatly reduce the complexity of the next process for the factory degree. Bead mills play an important role in the chemical industry and guarantee the quality of the final product.

Details of Bead Mill

  • The frame of Bead Mill 
  • Grinding system of bead mill
  • Double mechanical seal of bead mill
  • The transmission system of the bead mill
  • Grinding cylinder of bead mill

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

Nano bead mill does not mean that this type of sand mill can grind out nano-level powder, but because the output product is relatively small, and the fineness of the material can be close to 100 nanometers, which is why it is called a nano-machine. This type of bead mill can realize the simultaneous input and output of materials, which greatly increases the overall grinding efficiency, and the output port of the machine is equipped with sensors so that users can monitor the quality and speed of the output products at all times. To achieve the accuracy of product parameters, if it does not match the set parameters, it will automatically adjust the grinding process in the machine to make the output the same as the predetermined parameters.

bead mill

How Nano Bead Mill Works

The bead mill mainly uses the high-speed rotating reamer inside the machine to throw the object out, hits the abrasive in the chamber, and slowly turns the particles into ultra-low fineness materials. Before the nano bead mill works, the user needs to adjust the direction and angle of the belt gear, to avoid long-term wear and tear in the future that will have a bad impact on each rotating shaft and affect the life. In case of an unexpected situation, you should press the emergency stop button and repair it in time to avoid major damage to the equipment.

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Parameters that need to be controlled when the nano bead mill is running

1. Selection of grinding media: The most suitable grinding media should be used for material grinding, such as zirconia sand, alumina sand, etc., to ensure the final grinding effect and product quality of the machine.
2. The ratio of grinding medium to sample: the user needs to select the appropriate ratio of grinding medium to sample according to the characteristics and requirements of the material to achieve the best grinding effect.
3. Grinding time: The most prominent feature of the nano bead mill is the control of time. The user needs to adjust it according to the nature of the sample, the particle size, and the selection of grinding media to achieve a better grinding effect.
4. Grinding speed: The grinding speed of the machine has an equally important impact on the grinding effect and the quality of the product. Users can adjust it according to the special effects of the sample and the formula requirements.
5. Cooling system: Due to the grinding process in the nano bead mill, a lot of heat is generated, so a good cooling system needs to be set up to ensure that the equipment and samples will not be affected by excessive heating.
6. Grinding pressure: Grinding pressure is also an important parameter affecting the grinding effect and product quality, and it needs to be adjusted according to the nature and requirements of the sample.

Zirconia beads

Debugging work of nano grinding machine

1. Equipment installation: Install the equipment in a suitable place and install it according to the equipment installation manual.
2. Electrical system debugging: Check the electrical system of the equipment to ensure that the circuit is connected correctly. Conduct electrical system debugging according to the manual, and check whether the electrical parameters are normal.
3. Hydraulic system debugging: Check the oil circuit of the hydraulic system to ensure that the pipeline is connected correctly. Debug the hydraulic system according to the manual, and check whether the hydraulic parameters are normal.
4. Mechanical system debugging: Check the mechanical system of the nano grinding machine, including the mechanical transmission system, reducer, bearing, and other components. Check whether the mechanical parameters are normal.
5. Control system debugging: Check the control system of the equipment, including the man-machine interface, automatic control system, PLC system, and other parts. Debug the control system according to the manual, and check whether the control parameters are normal.
6. Trial operation and adjustment: conduct a trial operation of the equipment, check the operation status and effect of the equipment, and adjust according to the actual situation to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
7. Protective measures: Install and debug protective measures for the nano-grinding machine to ensure the stability of the equipment during operation.

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Guidelines For Bead Mill

Bead Mill(sand mill) helps many factories to improve production. Grinding for low viscosity, well-flowing material. Self-cycling cooling system. Don’t need the cooling pump. Franli produces Disc Bead Mill, Pin Bead mill, Turbine Nano Bead mill, etc. Optional material of inner chamber and disc: hardness Alloy, Zirconia, PU.

Sand Mill Machine|dyno mill
Guidelines For Bead mill


Dyno mill is nothing but an agitator bead mill. It is widely used in the production of paints, coatings, agrochemistry, and pharmaceutical products.

pearl mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Role of Pearl Mill in the Nano Industry

Pearl Mill can handle both high and low viscosity materials. One is for Nano grinding materials, while the other is for high viscosity materials like offset ink. The operation of the Pearl Mill is straightforward, and all maintenance; may be handled quickly and efficiently. Adding grinding media from the feeding hole is simple.

Bead mill for cosmetics
Guidelines For Bead mill

Guide to Bead Mills

The Bead mill is one of the main grindings and dispersing equipment in paint production. Bead mills for coatings are mainly divided into four categories: vertical, horizontal, basket, and special-shaped bead mills.

Sand Mill Machine|dyno mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

Dyno Mill|Coating & Inks

Dyno mill is a type of bead mill machine which is used in the coating industry specifically, in the manufacturing of inks products.

lab bead mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

The structure and type of laboratory bead mill

The laboratory bead mill in the chemical experimental equipment, also known as the lab sand mill, is a kind of grinding equipment compared with the bead mill for industrial production.

SMP Agitator bead mill
Guidelines For Bead mill

High Viscosity Material Grinding – Bar Pin Bead Mill

The bar pin bead mill is a machine suitable for ultra-fine dispersion and nano-scale grinding of water-based and solvent-based materials. The bar pin bead mill is one of the most widely used production types of equipment. With its very stable performance and sophisticated technology, it has been recognized by a wide range of users. The key thing to know is the characteristics of the bar pin bead mill, which is also the key to people’s favor of it.

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