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Basket Mill

Basket mills are a type of grinding and dispersing equipment that plays a vital role in the paint, ink, and coatings industry. They are designed to achieve effective grinding, dispersion, and mixing of materials, making them an essential tool in industries where particle size reduction and uniformity are crucial, such as in the production of paints, inks, and coatings.

Details of Basket Mill

  • Hydraulic lifting of basket mill’s head, Motor with noise, and ventilator protection system. Which is designed with double basket jackets,dispersion disc, cooling inlet system, and material suction impeller. 
  • Display of basket mill showing the product temperature, power input, operation time. You also can choose the automatic system of operation with the incorporation of all process parameters from the data bank.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

The working principle of a basket mill involves the combination of grinding media agitation, material movement, and chamber design to achieve these objectives. This makes basket mills a valuable and efficient piece of machinery, amalgamating mixing, dispersing, and grinding operations into one seamless process.

Significance and Benefits of Basket Mills

The significance and benefits of basket mills are multifaceted. They offer several advantages that make them indispensable in the paint, ink, and coatings industry. Some of the key advantages include:

1. Efficiency
Basket mills are highly valued for their ability to provide rapid pigment grinding, marking them as an emblem of efficiency. The rapid and effective grinding and dispersion capabilities of basket mills contribute to increased productivity and reduced processing time, making them a valuable asset for businesses in the industry.

2. Customization
The unique design of basket mills allows for customization, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be tailored to meet specific processing requirements, ensuring that they are versatile and adaptable to different production needs. This customization capability is a significant advantage, as it allows for the efficient processing of various materials and formulations.

3. Integration of Operations
One of the key benefits of basket mills is their ability to integrate mixing, dispersing, and grinding operations into a single machine. This seamless integration streamlines the production process, reducing the need for multiple pieces of equipment and minimizing material handling. As a result, basket mills contribute to increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

Working Principles and Features

A basket mill is a machine for fast and high-fineness milling. It consists mainly of a lifting device, a power transmission, and a milling head. In the milling head, there is a set of impellers for facilitating fluid circulation. The machine also features a number of metal rods that stand on the shaft, along with small hard beads in the remaining space of the milling head. When a basket mill is running, the shaft drives impellers and draws fluid into the working chamber. The rods then rotate along with the shaft at high speed to constantly stir the beads. This constant agitation results in the particles becoming finer and finer, achieving the desired level of grinding and dispersion.


Basket mills are available in various specifications to meet different processing needs. They typically integrate pre-dispersion, fine grinding, and spreading into one machine. The disperser is designed to speed up wetting the surface and advance the dispersing effect. Additionally, basket mills are known for their low cost, high quality, and ability to achieve the best effect in a short time. They do not require pumps, valves, pipelines, or other containers, resulting in high yield and minimal residual material. Furthermore, they are convenient to use for changing colors and products, as one machine can be used for different colors and formulations.

Material Compatibility

Basket mills are suitable for processing a wide range of materials across various industries. They are commonly used in applications such as paint production, ink manufacturing, pigment dispersion, and coatings formulation. Additionally, they find use in industries such as adhesives, sealants, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. The versatility of basket mills makes them suitable for processing materials with different viscosities, formulations, and other characteristics.

Basket mills play a vital role in the paint, ink, and coatings industry by providing efficient grinding, dispersion, and mixing of materials. Their unique design and integration of operations make them an essential tool for manufacturers seeking to achieve high levels of productivity and processing efficiency. The advantages of basket mills, including high-efficiency grinding, customization, labor savings, and easy maintenance, make them a preferred choice for many manufacturers in the industry. As technology continues to advance, basket mills are expected to play an increasingly important role in meeting the evolving demands of the paint and coatings industry.

The ever-evolving world of paints, inks, and coatings has seen a surge in technological advancements. Central to this growth is the process of pigment milling and pigment grinding. Nestled at the core of this industry transformation is the basket mill machine, acting as a bridge between traditional methods and modern demands.

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Guidelines For Basket Mill

Franli is the manufacturer of basket mill, we developed a new technology based on the traditional type of basket mill.Franli Basket Mill focuses on low energy, no hot spots, controlling constant temperature, higher production, the flexibility of batch size, and a wide range of product viscosities that can be processed well.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Reasons for the popularity of FRANLI basket mills

Basket Mills, usually called batch mills, have already been used across the grinding market for years and are currently in the growing market due to the benefits which this particular equipment provides to a wetness machining process.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill|Pneumatic Lift

The FRANLI basket mill mainly adopts the form of pneumatic lifting, which is an economical wet dispersing grinding equipment developed for scientific research institutions and enterprise units.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

How a Basket Mill Works

The basket mill is a highly adaptable dispersing device that may be used in a variety of responses to requests. Basket Mills are already used effectively in the industrial processing of pigments and the spreading of pigmentation.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill | Wet Grinding Equipment

A basket mill is a significant piece of equipment for coatings, inks, cosmetics, pigments, and other industries where fine quality is of high priority. This basket mill is a kind of grinding machine that is utilized for low to moderate viscosity of the material. This basket mill is best to get the smaller-sized particles without putting in much effort.

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