Immersion Mill: Guide for Producing Fine Powder Materials

Immersion Mill

An immersion mill is a type of milling machine used for the production of fine powder materials. It is also known as a bead mill, a sand mill, or a basket mill. The principle of this machine is to immerse the grinding media (beads) into the material that needs to be ground. The grinding media is usually made of ceramic, glass, or steel beads that break down the material by applying pressure, shear, and impact forces. Immersion mills are used in a variety of industries that require the production of ultra-fine particle sizes.

Details of Basket Mill

  • Hydraulic lifting of basket mill’s head, Motor with noise, and ventilator protection system. Which is designed with double basket jackets,dispersion disc, cooling inlet system, and material suction impeller. 
  • Display of basket mill showing the product temperature, power input, operation time. You also can choose the automatic system of operation with the incorporation of all process parameters from the data bank.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

The concept of immersion mill dates back to the mid-19th century when the first horizontal ball mills were developed. In 1915, the first vertical mill was introduced to the market. However, it was not until the 1960s that the first immersion mills were built. The development of advanced ceramics and grinding media played an important role in the evolution of immersion mills. The use of small beads allowed for increased grinding efficiency and reduced wear and tear on the mill parts.

basket mill

Working Principle

An immersion mill works by immersing the grinding beads into the material being ground. The material is placed in a container or a tank with the grinding media. The container is then filled with the material to be ground, along with water or a solvent. The grinding media is then rotated at high speed using a motor or a gearbox that drives a rotating shaft or an impeller. As the media rotates, it creates a powerful vortex that draws the material into the gaps between the beads.

The material is then subjected to a series of high shear and impact forces as it passes through the gaps between the beads. The result is a finely ground powder or a suspension with a narrow particle size distribution. The efficiency of the system depends on the size and shape of the grinding media, as well as the speed and direction of rotation.

Applications of Immersion Mills

Immersion mills are used in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, chemicals, and polymers. They are used to produce ultra-fine particles or suspensions that cannot be achieved by other milling methods. Immersion mills are also used in the production of printing ink, paints, coatings, pigments, dyes, and ceramics.

Advantages of Immersion Mills

1. High efficiency: Immersion mills are highly efficient due to the use of small grinding media. The small size of the beads allows for faster and more efficient grinding, resulting in reduced processing time and increased productivity.
2. Narrow particle size distribution: Immersion mills produce fine particles with a narrow particle size distribution, making them ideal for applications that require a uniform particle size.
3. Reduced wear and tear: The use of small beads reduces wear and tear on the mill parts, resulting in longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.
4. Easy to use: Immersion mills are easy to operate and maintain, making them ideal for industries where a high-level of automation is required.

Disadvantages of Immersion Mills

1. High Cost: Immersion mills are generally more expensive than other types of milling machines due to the complexity of their design and the use of advanced materials.
2. Limited capacity: Immersion mills have a limited capacity and may require multiple passes to achieve desired particle size.
3. Limited material compatibility: Immersion mills are often limited in terms of the types of materials that can be processed due to their high shear and impact forces.

Immersion mills are an innovative and highly efficient type of milling machine that is used across a diverse range of industries. They offer a number of key advantages, including high efficiency, narrow particle size distribution, reduced wear and tear, and ease of use. However, they may also have some disadvantages, including high cost, limited capacity, and limited material compatibility. Overall, immersion mills are a valuable tool for the production of ultra-fine particles or suspensions that cannot be achieved by other milling methods.

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Guidelines For Basket Mill

Franli is the manufacturer of basket mill, we developed a new technology based on the traditional type of basket mill.Franli Basket Mill focuses on low energy, no hot spots, controlling constant temperature, higher production, the flexibility of batch size, and a wide range of product viscosities that can be processed well.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Reasons for the popularity of FRANLI basket mills

Basket Mills, usually called batch mills, have already been used across the grinding market for years and are currently in the growing market due to the benefits which this particular equipment provides to a wetness machining process.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill|Pneumatic Lift

The FRANLI basket mill mainly adopts the form of pneumatic lifting, which is an economical wet dispersing grinding equipment developed for scientific research institutions and enterprise units.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

How a Basket Mill Works

The basket mill is a highly adaptable dispersing device that may be used in a variety of responses to requests. Basket Mills are already used effectively in the industrial processing of pigments and the spreading of pigmentation.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill | Wet Grinding Equipment

A basket mill is a significant piece of equipment for coatings, inks, cosmetics, pigments, and other industries where fine quality is of high priority. This basket mill is a kind of grinding machine that is utilized for low to moderate viscosity of the material. This basket mill is best to get the smaller-sized particles without putting in much effort.

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