Dual Planetary Mixer: A Guide to Applications in Electronic Slurries

Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixers are widely used in the electronics industry to produce electronic pastes. These pastes are essential components in the manufacturing of electronic products such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductor devices. The electronic paste consists of conductive, resistive, or dielectric materials that are mixed to create a homogeneous mixture.

Details of Double Planetary Mixer

  • The common agitators include paddle type, twist type, claw type, and frame type.
  • good mixing, reaction, kneading, and dissolution functions.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

1. Mixing Process

The mixing process of electronic paste is critical in ensuring that the final product has the desired properties. Double planetary mixers are designed for a thorough and consistent mixing process. The mixer’s two agitators rotate on separate axes, producing high shear and impact forces that homogenize the paste and break down agglomerates. The mixing process is also designed to prevent air entrapment in the paste, which could result in void formation.

2. Homogeneity

Homogeneity is critical in electronic paste production, as even small variations can affect the paste’s electrical properties. The Double planetary mixer ensures a thorough mixing process, which results in a homogeneous paste. Homogeneity ensures consistent electrical properties of the paste and helps prevent defects in electronic products.

3. Viscosity Control

The viscosity of electronic paste is also critical to its performance. For instance, paste with high viscosity may not spread evenly, resulting in uneven electrical conductivity. Double planetary mixers can control viscosity by adjusting the mixing speed and duration. The high shear forces of the mixer can also break down the particles in the paste, reducing its viscosity.

FPM double planetary mixer

4. Temperature Control

Temperature control is critical when producing electronic paste, as high temperatures can break down the paste’s components or cause thermal deformation. Double planetary mixers can control the temperature of the paste by using a cooling jacket or heating elements. Temperature control ensures that the paste’s properties remain consistent during the mixing process.

5. High-Volume Production

Electronic paste production requires high-volume production, with consistent quality standards. Double planetary mixers are designed for high-volume production and can produce large batches of electronic paste while maintaining consistent properties. The mixer’s design also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing production efficiency.

Double planetary mixers are critical in the production of electronic paste, ensuring consistent properties and high-volume production. The mixing process, homogeneity, viscosity control, temperature control, and high-volume production are all important aspects of electronic paste production that double planetary mixers can adequately address. As the electronics industry continues to grow, the application of double planetary mixers will become even more critical in ensuring consistent quality and production standards.

As a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer, FRANLI provides a complete set of mature equipment for related machines and production lines for more than 60 countries and thousands of industries in the world, and in Russia, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other regions, for Many enterprises have established related production lines.

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Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

FRANLI is a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer. Our double planetary mixer is especially suitable for dissolving, mixing, kneading, and reacting from powder to high-viscosity and high-density materials. According to different viscosities and material characteristics, Choose the right stirring paddle, and provide supporting equipment and production lines for double planetary mixers.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

How to buy a double planet mixer?

This double planetary mixer can mix all types of viscosity of the material in no time. This double planetary mixer contains high-capacity blades that can work from 1 million centipoises to 8 million centipoises.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer For Sale

FRANLI double planetary mixer is a high-efficiency, multi-purpose, and no-dead angle mandatory mixing and dispersing equipment.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Electronic Slurry & Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixers are widely used, especially in the field of electronic slurry, whether it is stirring or mixing, the final output effect has been recognized by all walks of life.

Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer: Laboratory & Production

There are two types of double planetary mixers produced by FRANLI, which mainly involve two major application fields, one is laboratory research type, and the other is a factory production line

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Structural Adhesive Production Equipment & Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is one of the ideal types of equipment for low-viscosity materials. This facility has a low and fast mixing dispersing disc, which can complete the functions of high shear and dispersing low viscosity materials at the same time.

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