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Z Blade Mixer

Z-Blade Mixer is a new type of equipment that integrates mixing and stirring, and It is particularly suitable for mixing powder metallurgy materials with glue (paraffin molding agent). The Z-Blade Mixer is suitable for mixing powdered or granular materials in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, feed, porcelain, metallurgical, new energy, and other industries. 

Details of Z Blade Mixer​

  • low grinding fineness
  • Wide range of applications
  • high working efficiency

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

The Z-Blade Mixer can perform mixing and processing operations of dry powder and granular raw materials. The structure of the mixing equipment is very simple. The efficiency is very stable during the production and processing process, abnormalities are unlikely to occur, and the raw materials can be fully mixed without leaving residues. When using the Z-Blade Mixer, the operation steps are very simple, and the raw material mixing effect can be achieved without complicated steps. The appearance and interior of the Z-Blade Mixer are all made of stainless steel plates, so the machine is more beautiful in terms of design, and the maintenance method is also very simple.

kneader & Z Blade Mixer​

Features of Z-Blade Mixer

1. There are one-way thrust ball bearings and radial thrust ball bearings at both ends of the Z-Blade Mixer mixing shaft, which can prevent radial movement due to load.
2. The sealing at both ends of the mixing shaft of the Z-Blade Mixer has been improved to ensure complete sealing and no contamination of materials.
3. The Z-Blade Mixer uses two motors, one stirring motor, which drives the stirring paddle through the shaft to rotate the mixed materials. A discharging motor can tilt the mixing tank when started to facilitate discharging.
4. The inching control is used when unloading, so the material can be discharged very conveniently. The Z-Blade Mixer will not cause the hopper to tilt too much. The left end of the rotating machine has a self-locking effect due to the worm gear and worm drive. Therefore, the material trough can be poured at any angle.

How to test the Z-Blade Mixer?

1. Start operation when fully loaded and overweight.

Solution: reduce the load, run first, and then feed;
2. The switching power supply is not connected and the phase is disconnected.

Solution: Ask a welder to connect the switching power supply and check the route;
3. If The working voltage is too low.

solution: avoid peak power consumption periods or ensure that the working voltage is normal.

Z Blade Mixer

Operation process of Z-Blade Mixer

1. Make sure that the material trough of the Z-Blade Mixer is in a vertical state, start the stirring operation, and ensure that the mixing paddle moves in the direction of the arrow.
2. Start adding materials. The amount of material should be enough to submerge the stirring paddle. Then cover the upper lid, set the mixing time (time in minutes), and then press the “Stirring Start” button.
3. When the Z-Blade Mixer reaches the set time, the equipment automatically stops working. When pouring materials, stop the machine first, place the material box in front of the frame, take off the upper cover, and move the “downward jog” to tilt the mixing box of the Z-Blade Mixer to pour out the materials. If there is material accumulation during the discharging process, jog the “discharging jog” to ensure that there is no residue in the material trough. When the material is discharged, press the “upward jog” button to ensure that the material trough returns to its original position before mixing the next batch.

Many processing units have begun to use Z-Blade Mixer for processing and production. Z-Blade Mixer can complete the mixing operations of different materials during operation. Therefore, Z-Blade Mixer are used in medicine, chemical industry, food, positive and negative electrodes, etc. The powder industry is very important. In these areas of work, materials are often mixed and processed so that different types of materials can be thoroughly mixed in a short time. This kind of mixing equipment can not only solve production operation problems, but also replace many traditional process methods. The manufacturing technology and working methods of mixing equipment meet the application needs of modern industry.

The Z-Blade Mixer has the advantages of uniform mixing, no dead ends, fast discharge, no residue, large production capacity, stable operation, and simple maintenance. Many processing units have begun to use Z-Blade Mixer for processing and production. Therefore, the application of mixing equipment is very important in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, positive and negative electrode, and other powder industries. The Z-Blade Mixer is not prone to failure during operation, so it does not require frequent maintenance during use, which can save manufacturers more application costs.

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Guidelines For Kneader

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