Printing ink production line

Ink production line

FRANLI Printing ink production line mainly takes intelligence, environmental protection, and high production efficiency as the main production standards.

After years of accumulation, the entire production process has realized the characteristics of a fully enclosed, PLC control system, fully automated production, and no dust pollution. The whole process of production is With intelligent control, users can monitor online, which reduces the workload of operators and avoids quality problems caused by human factors.

FRANLI Printing ink production line mainly adopts material automatic feeding system, metering system, grinding system (basket mill/horizontal sand mill/three-roll mill), mixing system (single-shaft stirring tank, double-shaft stirring tank, Triple Shaft Mixer, planetary mixer), cleaning system, automatic control system, automatic filling (filling machine) and other latest research technologies, the entire production line can fully realize the automatic production of printing ink, and reduce the work intensity of operators, to avoid quality problems and safety problems caused by human factors, and greatly improve the product quality and production efficiency of printing ink.

The production method of Printing ink

The production process of Printing ink can be divided into batching, dispersing, grinding, stirring, filtering, filling;
Raw material addition: liquid ingredients are added by pumps, flowmeters, or intermediate metering tanks; powders and additives are added automatically by weighing ingredient systems;
Dispersion: Printing ink pre-dispersion, various specifications and forms are available, from laboratory to production type, including various models such as scraper type disperser, vacuum type disperser, twin-shaft disperser, platform type disperser, etc. Meet the requirements of various dispersed working conditions.

1. Ink production line | multi-style dispersing machine
There are many kinds of dispersing machines used in ink, such as high-speed dispersing machines, biaxial dispersing machines, etc. The dispersing machine is a device that disperses liquid or liquid-solid media by using the shear force generated by a high-speed rotating stainless steel turntable. The usual dispersing machines are single-rod (one turntable), and there are also double-rod (staggered arrangement, each pole has a turntable at the end), and the dispersion effect is better.

Part of the equipment involved in Printing ink

Basket mill: It is the main grinding equipment in the printing ink production process, mainly to combine the two processes of material dispersion and sand grinding into one, which can greatly reduce the process flow, and also does not need pump valves, effectively improving The production efficiency of the product can reduce the waste of materials, and get rid of the complicated cleaning method of the traditional machine. The blue mill is suitable for grinding a variety of products.

basket mill

Horizontal sand mill: wet grinding equipment for Printing ink products with high fineness requirements. It has good grinding fineness and high efficiency. It is the most widely used grinding product in the market, including disc horizontal sand mills and All-around horizontal sand mills.

lab sand mill

Three roll mill: It is a wet grinding equipment for printing ink products with high viscosity. It is divided into two types: ordinary type and hydraulic type. It is the ideal grinding equipment for high-viscosity printing ink.

Hydraulic Three Roll Mill

Printing ink mixer: According to different production processes and material properties (viscosity, specific gravity, etc.) Shaft and planetary mixers for high-viscosity printing ink, etc.

FPM double planetary mixer

Printing ink filling machine: the packaging specifications range from 10g to 20kg (higher specifications can be customized), which are suitable for filling plastic drums and iron drums, including semi-automatic and fully automatic forms, and can be customized according to requirements.

Filling Machine

In the Printing ink production line, these three machines play a vital role:

Printing ink production line - high-speed disperser

The high-speed disperser is a device that disperses liquid or liquid-solid media through the high-speed rotating stainless steel turntable to generate shear force. Ordinary high-speed dispersers are single-rod (one turntable), and there are also double-rod (staggered arrangement, each pole has a turntable at the end), this double-shaft high-speed disperser has a better dispersion effect. The high-speed disperser has the function of stirring and dispersing, and it has good mixing and mixing effects. Its characteristic is that it can be dispersed by medium or high-speed stirring. It can easily dissolve the particle size of the material quickly and make the particles smaller. The high-speed disperser can be used not only for ink, but also for stirring, dissolving, and dispersing liquid and liquid-solid materials in chemical industries such as coatings, dyes, pigments, papermaking, and adhesives.

High Speed Disperser

To ensure the safety of the user, before using the high-speed disperser, the user needs to check whether the circuit is normal and whether the speed control valve is reset to zero, and then turn it on for use after it is correct. The user needs to fix the material cylinder, then inject solvent, slowly lower the stirring plate, wait for the stirring plate to reach a certain position, then turn on the motor, and add resin, pigment, and other solid materials according to the process formula under low-speed rotation, and then increase the rotation speed. When the speed is adjusted, the action needs to be carried out slowly, and the speed adjustment knob cannot be adjusted quickly to prevent accidents.

After the material is dispersed, slowly lower the speed until it stops, and then press the up button to stop the rising when the dispersing disc leaves the liquid surface, and turn on the medium speed to shake off all the materials on the dispersing disc. After the user stops the rotation, generally it can be pushed out after rising to the position of pulling the cylinder, and after using the dispersing disc, it should be cleaned in time.

Printing ink production line-chemical reactor

The chemical reactor is a common industrial reaction vessel, which has design and operation functions, such as heating, cooling, and temperature control functions. And the chemical reaction kettle has a certain pressure, and the pressure has normal pressure, positive pressure, and negative pressure functions. It can be used to complete multiple operations such as material stirring, dispersion, solvent recovery, and reflux. The overall design and operation are flexible, mainly to meet the needs of users. Designed for comprehensive use effects.

Chemical Reactor

The operation of the chemical reactor is relatively simple. Users can use a complete set of instructions provided by FRANLI. The manual introduces the use, maintenance, maintenance, and precautions of the chemical reactor in detail. Users can operate according to the instructions.

Printing ink production line-sand mill

A complete Printing ink production line is inseparable from the role of the sand mill, which uses hard and wear-resistant zirconium beads, glass beads, etc. to rotate in a closed cavity to grind pigments. Sand mills are divided into horizontal, vertical, and basket types according to their shape; at present, horizontal high-flow sand mills are the most used in production lines.

sand mill

Advantages of sand mill

● Excellent performance: the overall product quality is improved through advanced technology, and the service life is long.
● Remarkable efficiency: It has a large-flow discharge-type stirring disc, which can realize uniform distribution of grinding beads and significantly improve grinding energy efficiency.
● Increased Productivity: Efficient bead separation and large screen surface area provide higher flow capacity without compromising quality.
● Applicable to a wide range of industries: large-flow sand mills can effectively meet the extensive needs of materials in wet grinding and dispersion, and can also provide solutions for a series of products from laboratory product development to industrial-scale production.

The use of the sand mill is also very simple. Before using it, the user needs to ensure that the electrical supply, cooling water supply, and the amount of zirconium beads are ready. Then put the suction pipe in the dispersed material to be ground, turn on the sand mill, gradually increase the speed, pay attention to the positive and negative rotation, and suck the material into the sand mill. When grinding, the temperature in the cavity should not exceed the process temperature. The number of grinding depends on It depends on the fineness specified by the process. After meeting the process requirements, use the solvent and resin liquid specified by the process to eject the material in the cavity. Clean it in time after use.

FRANLI is a Printing ink production line manufacturer, and we design the production ink production line, ink production complete sets of equipment, including a high-speed disperser, temperature-controlled stainless steel reactor, bead mill, filter, filling machine, three-roll mills, supporting workbenches, integrated control systems and other complete sets of equipment have been exported to Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, etc.

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Guidelines For production line

FRANLI has several sets of wet grinding production lines, including PCB ink production line, ink production line, pesticide production line, automobile coating production line, etc.

FRANLI Printing ink production line
Guidelines For Production Line

Pesticide Production Line

The production of pesticides mainly uses sand mills, emulsifiers, chemical reaction kettles, twin-shaft mixers, filling machines, and other equipment. This equipment thus constitutes a complete set of pesticide production lines, from the grinding and storage of particles to the reaction and Blending, and finally filling and packaging, the FRANLI pesticide production line is fully intelligent, with the characteristics of simple operation, safety, and stability.

FRANLI Printing ink production line
Guidelines For Production Line

Printing ink production line

FRANLI Printing ink production line mainly takes intelligence, environmental protection, and high production efficiency as the main production standards.

FRANLI Printing ink production line
Guidelines For Production Line

Water Ink Make equipment & production line

FRANLI water ink complete set of equipment and production line is mainly composed of an intelligent batching system, high-speed dispersion pulping system, metering system, horizontal grinding series system, multi-functional mixing and coloring system, cleaning system, automatic control system, automatic filling system, and other parts. Advanced production technology.

Resin Production Line & Complete Manufacturing Equipment
Guidelines For Production Line

Resin Production Line & Complete Manufacturing Equipment

FRANLI provides complete sets of resin manufacturing equipment and production lines, which are mainly suitable for the synthesis of various chemical resins, such as unsaturated polyester resin, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, alkyd resin, ABS resin, etc. It can also be used for the manufacturing and production of Various types of emulsion resins, such as acrylic resin emulsion, etc.

Digital Ink machine line
Guidelines For Production Line

Ink production line

The main equipment of the ink production line includes material storage tanks, barrels, multi-model dispersing machines, chemical reactors, sand mills, three-roll mills, material operating platforms, filling machines, electronic process control systems, process pipelines, air compressors, A set of equipment such as cleaning equipment.

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