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High Speed Disperser

FRANLI high speed disperser is versatile equipment for mixing and dispersing particular materials for the fabrication industries. It can work with any type of viscosity and provides you with quality and speedy work. High speed disperser is mainly used in paints, inks, coatings, and chemical industries. 

Details of High Speed Disperser

  • Height limit switch
  • Container clamping device
  • Speed Automatic
  • Vacuum equipment
  • Scraper
  • Swiveling device

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

High speed disperser contains sharp blades and shafts for mixing the material. And, they are available in different sizes and designs. You can adapt for any size according to your work profile. Several companies offer these dispersers with a variation of sizes and designs, and you can choose whichever meets all your needs.

Also, you need to know about the perfect operation of this high-speed disperser so that you can comfortably use it to enhance the overall productivity of the company, and these tips are as follows:

high speed disperser

● Start high speed disperser with a clean tank

When you start with any material, you should start it with the clean tank so that you can enhance the quality of the work. In this manner, you can perform all types of mixing and dispersing work with all types of viscosity of the material. You can make the dispenser work with all types of viscosity of the product, and in this way, you can get stability and uniformity in the work. And, it helps to boost the production and provide you with the best conversion ratio. So, this high speed disperser is the ideal choice for any fabrication company to increase production.

● Use the correct blade according to the tank ratio

As we know, blades of this high speed dispersion mixer are the main part of performing the mixing and dispersing tasks. So, they should be of the correct size that suits your regular work and provide you the best results. But, if the blade size is not up to the mark, you can never get accurate results, and you may lose the productivity of the company. Here, it is necessary to opt for the correct sized blades according to the tank ratio, and in this way, you can get your desired results. And you can see the increased productivity.

● Blades are of the best condition

Before starting mixing and dispersing work, check the condition of the blades of the high speed disperser. The purpose of doing so is to get the best results from the process of mixing work. If the condition of the blade is good, you can produce more material with perfect quality and stability. If the blades are broken or damaged, you can not get quality work. So, it is necessary to check whether the blades are in good condition or not. Then only you can achieve your desired goals for the company and get a higher conversion ratio.

● Appropriate blade tip speed

It is also another best tip to increase production as accurate blade tip speed is responsible for providing you all the tasks on time. If the speed of the blades is correct as per the need of the material, you can get the quality work and get all the work done on time. But, if the speed is not appropriate, you can never get your desired results, and you may lose the opportunity to get work done on time. So, try to check the speed of the blades to get all the work at the proper speed. And, you can submit all your tasks within the given deadlines.

● Correct geometry of the tank

When you work with the high speed disperser, you need to check the length and width of the tank. It is a necessary step to get accurate results. If the tank geometry is perfect, you can get quality and best work performance. And, you can dream of the highest production rate and conversion ratio for the company. So, here it becomes necessary to measure the geometry of the tank so that you can hand on the highest profit ratio.

● Adequate horsepower

The power of the high speed disperser should be satisfactory to perform with all types of material viscosity. And, if the horsepower is enough, you can get the desired production rate. And your work would be praised by the others. Suppose, if the horsepower is not enough, your production may suffer. For this purpose, try to check the power of the disperser, so that you can achieve all your goals with the given time limits. And enhance the production rate of the company.

● The best technique of adding materials

Proper techniques are helpful to enhance the production rate of the company. For this purpose, you should know about the best techniques: how to add the raw material in the tank of the disperser so that you can get a quality result. But, if you do not know this trick, you can make lots of mistakes, and in this way, the production may suffer a lot. So, try to learn the new and proper techniques to add the material in the disperser so that you can achieve the desired results. 

Thus, the entire above are the tips to operate the high speed dispersion mixer accurately, and in this way, you can get all the desired results that lead your company to a higher production rate. Several companies are available in the market that provides these dispersers from highest to lowest prices with the variation of the sizes and dens of the blades and shafts.

Franli is an excellent automation company that offers all types of dispersing and other machines at a very affordable price. Many countries count on it to get their desired high speed disperser, and the company assures the quality and durability of the product.

High speed disperser are the essential equipment for fabrication companies. And with these, you can get the high work performance of the mixing and dispersing products. With the help of these dispersers, you can get quality and speedy work. And in this way, you can enhance the overall productivity of the company.

You can find many companies that offer these dispersers and other equipment at very reasonable rates. You can find many sizes and designs in these disperse. And, you can choose anyone that suits your work profile of the company. You only need to know the right operation tips to handle these machines to get the higher production rates.

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Guidelines For High Speed DIsperser

We produce a high-speed disperser according to the industrial standard, Franli HSD’s frame is bigger than the marketing machine, the blade is double layers, hydraulic part is an engineering oil tank, which is more stable lifting up and down. The operation box for Water-based material is stainless steel, which also has ex-proof operation for solvent based material.

high speed disperser
Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

High Speed Disperser: An Essential Tool in the Manufacturing Industry

A high speed disperser is a machine used for dispersing, mixing, emulsifying, and homogenizing materials in the manufacturing process.It is also called a high-speed mixer or agitator, and its versatility makes it a valuable tool in various industries, including coatings, paints, inks, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics.

high speed disperser
Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

The high speed disperser chosen by the chemical industry

The high speed disperser is the indispensable equipment in the production and dispersion process of chemical products. Because of its high speed, it can not only effectively improve the dispersion efficiency of materials, but also make the materials more fully dispersed, to meet the final requirements of the materials.

high speed disperser
Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

How to use the high speed disperser (new machine)?

The high speed disperser is composed of a frame, a bearing seat, a dispersing shaft, a dispersing wheel, an oil cylinder, a hydraulic station, and a control cabinet. The lifting of the frame adopts hydraulic transmission, and the lifting is stable and reliable.

high speed disperser
Guidelines For High Speed Disperser

High speed disperser: dispersing, stirring, grinding, dissolving

High speed disperser is common mechanical equipment in chemical production. It is widely used in architectural coatings, chemicals, water-based coatings, oil-soluble architectural coatings, inks, inks, adhesives, etc.

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