Double Planetary Mixer: A Guide to Mixing Conductive Adhesives

Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixers are a type of industrial mixer that is commonly used in processing viscous materials. The mixer consists of two blades that rotate on their own axes while simultaneously orbiting the mixing vessel. The dual motion of the blades provides efficient mixing, scraping, and kneading of the materials, resulting in a uniform and homogeneous mixture. Double planetary mixers are ideal for a wide range of applications including adhesives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food processing.

Details of Double Planetary Mixer

  • The common agitators include paddle type, twist type, claw type, and frame type.
  • good mixing, reaction, kneading, and dissolution functions.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

Conductive adhesives are materials that can conduct electricity and are extensively used in the manufacturing of electronic products such as sensors, circuits, and touchscreens. Unlike traditional adhesives, conductive adhesives have unique characteristics that allow them to bond electrical components and provide conductivity. To meet the high-quality demands of the electronics industry, the process of producing conductive adhesives must be precise and efficient. Double planetary mixers have emerged as an ideal solution for this application due to their ability to mix and blend materials evenly and homogeneously.

Benefits of Using Double Planetary Mixers in Conductive Adhesives

There are numerous benefits of using double planetary mixers in the production of conductive adhesives

1. Uniform Mixing
Conductive adhesives consist of metallic particles that provide electrical conductivity, mixed into a polymer matrix. The size and shape of these particles play an essential role in the electrical conductivity of the adhesive. To ensure uniform and homogeneous distribution of the particles, it is crucial to use a consistent and efficient mixing process. Double planetary mixers provide an ideal solution to ensure uniform mixing, resulting in an evenly distributed adhesive material.

2. Reduced Mixing Time
Double planetary mixers utilize a dual planetary mixing action that accelerates the mixing process and reduces the mixing time to mere minutes. This feature is essential in the conductive adhesive manufacturing industry where the requirement for high productivity, time efficiency, and rapid output is essential.

3. High-Quality Output
The use of double planetary mixers in the production of conductive adhesives results in a high-quality output due to the uniform distribution of metallic particles. Uniform mixing provides consistent electrical conductivity, bonding strength, and improved material properties.

4. Low-Shear Mixing
Conductive adhesives are often delicate materials and may be subject to deterioration if exposed to high-shear mixing. Double planetary mixers adopt a low-shear mixing process that safeguards the adhesives’ integrity while optimizing conductive properties.

5. Scale-Up Capacity
Double planetary mixers are available in a wide range of sizes, from lab-scale to industrial-scale, making them versatile tools in the manufacturing industry, from small to large-capacity production sites. Double planetary mixers can be easily scaled up to meet the demand of any industrial production.

FPM double planetary mixer

Applications of Conductive Adhesives

The applications of conductive adhesives are vast and varied, ranging from industrial to pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Some of the key applications of conductive adhesives include:

1. Electronic Assembly
Conductive adhesives have extensive applications in the electronics industry, mainly in the assembly of electronic components such as sensors, capacitors, printed circuit boards, and LEDs. Conductive adhesives have replaced the use of traditional soldering methods, providing improved reliability, flexibility, and a more cost-effective solution.

2. Medical Devices
Conductive adhesives are used in medical devices such as ECG monitors, wearable sensors, and pacemaker electrodes. These devices require adhesives that can provide a reliable and consistent connection with the skin while providing electrical conductivity.

3. Aerospace
Conductive adhesives are utilized in aerospace applications for bonding electronic components. The space industry requires adhesives that can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, exposure to radiation, and vacuum environments.

4. Automotive
Conductive adhesives are used in the automotive industry in the production of electric vehicles. The battery systems in electric vehicles require conductive adhesives to provide connectivity between the numerous cells in the battery pack.

Double planetary mixers are a versatile tool widely used in the manufacturing industry, ranging from pharmaceuticals to the food industry. However, the use of double planetary mixers has specific advantages in the production of conductive adhesives. Double planetary mixers provide efficient mixing, rapid mixing times, low-shear mixing, and uniform mixing, resulting in the production of high-quality conductive adhesives. The extensive applications of conductive adhesives in the electronics, medical, aerospace, and automotive industries make double planetary mixers a crucial tool in these industries’ manufacturing processes.

As a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer, FRANLI provides a complete set of mature equipment for related machines and production lines for more than 60 countries and thousands of industries in the world, and in Russia, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other regions, for Many enterprises have established related production lines.

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Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

FRANLI is a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer. Our double planetary mixer is especially suitable for dissolving, mixing, kneading, and reacting from powder to high-viscosity and high-density materials. According to different viscosities and material characteristics, Choose the right stirring paddle, and provide supporting equipment and production lines for double planetary mixers.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

How to buy a double planet mixer?

This double planetary mixer can mix all types of viscosity of the material in no time. This double planetary mixer contains high-capacity blades that can work from 1 million centipoises to 8 million centipoises.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer For Sale

FRANLI double planetary mixer is a high-efficiency, multi-purpose, and no-dead angle mandatory mixing and dispersing equipment.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Electronic Slurry & Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixers are widely used, especially in the field of electronic slurry, whether it is stirring or mixing, the final output effect has been recognized by all walks of life.

Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer: Laboratory & Production

There are two types of double planetary mixers produced by FRANLI, which mainly involve two major application fields, one is laboratory research type, and the other is a factory production line

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Structural Adhesive Production Equipment & Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is one of the ideal types of equipment for low-viscosity materials. This facility has a low and fast mixing dispersing disc, which can complete the functions of high shear and dispersing low viscosity materials at the same time.

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