Reactor Mixer

Reactor MixerThe reactor mixer can be divided into three categories: steel reactor mixer, cast iron reactor mixer, and glass-lined reactor mixer.

Steel reactor mixer: Most of them are made of Q235 steel. Its design and manufacture are the same as ordinary pressure vessels. Pay attention to the operating pressure, pressure, and temperature when designing. If the reactor mixer is equipped with a jacket, the shell is calculated according to the external pressure vessel, and the jacket is calculated according to the internal pressure vessel. Its accessory parts are generally designed on the lid of the kettle.

Cast iron reactor mixer: The reactor mixer has a certain degree of corrosion resistance to alkaline materials, and is generally used in the reaction process of sulfonation, nitrification, condensation, and sulfuric acid concentration. When the cast iron reactor mixer is used for wall temperature lower than 25℃ and internal pressure lower than 0.6MPa, its diameter can reach 1000mm.

Glass-lined reactor mixer: The glass used in this reactor mixer contains silica, which is then burned at high temperatures and then bonded to the inner surface of the metal equipment. It has good stability, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance, so it has a wide range of applications in the chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, dye, food, and metallurgical industries.

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