immersion basket mill|One of the best machines for pigment dispersion

Basket Mill

The basket mill is multi-functional equipment that integrates the two processes of grinding and dispersing. Widely used in inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries, with the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, convenient operation, and maintenance, etc.

Details of Basket Mill

  • Hydraulic lifting of basket mill’s head, Motor with noise, and ventilator protection system. Which is designed with double basket jackets,dispersion disc, cooling inlet system, and material suction impeller. 
  • Display of basket mill showing the product temperature, power input, operation time. You also can choose the automatic system of operation with the incorporation of all process parameters from the data bank.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

Immersion or the basket mill is considered to be the units for the submersible millings allowing for the effective particle reduction of the size without making the use of the elements including the tanks, hoses, and the pumps that can be pretty much difficult to clean and is maintenance-intensive. After the invention of the basket mill, this has been around in terms of serving for wet milling operations. The basket mill is responsible for the effective distribution of the particle size with robust pigment strength in a much short period of time is included here.

basket mill

How effective is the use of an immersion mill for the dispersion of the pigments here?

There are several considerations that have to be made in terms of keeping in mind the actual fact of effectiveness as well as the high-quality results in terms of preparing for the dispersion of the pigments.

The grinding process of the basket mill

Forming the best premix is considered as one of the main methods included in the proper dispersion of the pigments here. The milling cycle here is considered to be highly productive with the better method of dispersion that takes over the product to the mill. A longer time is taken for grinding the poor premixes with the higher levels of the production costs, the greater amount of wear on the milling, including the higher maintenance costs along with the plugged screens that can result in product loss as well as more downtime, included here. The return of thousands of dollars each year is considered to be factual with the reduction of these costs here.

If you are looking for the effective rate of dispersion here, then there is a final step that is included. One has to go for the proper kind of disperser blade. The diameter of these blades should not be less than one-third of the diameter of the tank here in terms of the total process included. The most-noted choice of it is due to the lowered costs, the general utility, as well as the ease of cleaning that is included here. There is also a ring blade that is a lot more expensive in terms of making the purchases, including the consumption of greater horsepower than that of the saw blade with higher levels of the shear that are being created through these blade types eliminating the need for any kind of subsequent milling that are available here. There is also a ring-type blade that is available in the lab for the trial period, with the open saw blades that are available that greatly include the F blade here.

Which process of immersion is best suited for you?

The lab basket mill can be quite effective in terms of the massive range of materials available, while there are a few companies that rely on these immersion mills. They are massively making use of the recirculation technology of the milling machine using the similar concept as it is being used in this higher energy of recirculation of the horizontal mills that are rapidly pumping up the slurry through the field media a lot more frequently and efficiently than that of the other mills that are present here including the vertical and the horizontal ones.

There are several companies out there offering the milling job, and the lab basket mill is the one that has high levels of superiority. For the processing of the small-batch here consisting of the lowered viscosity as well as the easy-to-grind products that are present, they are content with the technology of the immersion milling.

The recirculation technology for milling is used by the immersion mill with the concept that lies similar to the one that is used in the higher energy recirculation that is done in a rapid way by pumping the slurry through the field media several more times and with higher efficiency rates compared to the other mills here including the vertical and the horizontal ones.

It is due to the low amount of exit velocities that several of the manufacturers of the lab basket mill have started to add the 2nd as well as the 3rd mixing shafts in their design for this kind of machinery, and it is generally considered as the byproduct of the poor thought. The slurry here bypasses the bottom part of the media field here following the path of the low amount of resistance through the screen sides without making use of the bottom suction device. Any product out there that is higher in viscosity levels becomes motionless lying at a few inches of the basket here, and it can therefore result in the stratification while undergoing the process ling here.

When there is a flow of the slurry at the walls of the chamber used for grinding can easily discharge as well as bypasses the higher level of the energy forces of the media to its nearest part of the center shaft. Here is the phenomenon that is pretty similar. It is something that can be doubling or even tripling the time that is needed for reaching out to the quality of the product with an outcome of a wide size in terms of the particle distribution here.

The basket mill from Franli is notably the great machine that is being rapidly manufactured and supplied at a global outreach. The outcome is the result of the mass production here that can notably work out in terms of the milling, grinding as well as the other immersive processes here. You can easily explore the showcase of the products these companies are offering you to help you in terms of getting your hands on the best machinery that is available for you.

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Guidelines For Basket Mill

Franli is the manufacturer of basket mill, we developed a new technology based on the traditional type of basket mill.Franli Basket Mill focuses on low energy, no hot spots, controlling constant temperature, higher production, the flexibility of batch size, and a wide range of product viscosities that can be processed well.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Reasons for the popularity of FRANLI basket mills

Basket Mills, usually called batch mills, have already been used across the grinding market for years and are currently in the growing market due to the benefits which this particular equipment provides to a wetness machining process.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill|Pneumatic Lift

The FRANLI basket mill mainly adopts the form of pneumatic lifting, which is an economical wet dispersing grinding equipment developed for scientific research institutions and enterprise units.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

How a Basket Mill Works

The basket mill is a highly adaptable dispersing device that may be used in a variety of responses to requests. Basket Mills are already used effectively in the industrial processing of pigments and the spreading of pigmentation.

Guidelines For Basket Mill

Basket Mill | Wet Grinding Equipment

A basket mill is a significant piece of equipment for coatings, inks, cosmetics, pigments, and other industries where fine quality is of high priority. This basket mill is a kind of grinding machine that is utilized for low to moderate viscosity of the material. This basket mill is best to get the smaller-sized particles without putting in much effort.

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