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Filling Machine

Paint filling machines are generally equipped with explosion-proof functions, mainly because materials such as paints and coatings are flammable and explosive, so when we choose a filling machine, the first thing we need to consider is the characteristics of the material.

Details of Filling Machine

  • Single filling can be 100g-250kg
  • The operation method is simple and easy to operate.
  • High durability and wide range of applications

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

FRANLI explosion-proof filling machines are not only limited to simple explosion-proof parts. To ensure the safety of the entire working process, we have adopted an explosion-proof design for the entire body to increase the safety level to the highest level. Not only that, All explosion-proof filling machines will be reviewed layer by layer, and there will be quality assurance for explosion-proof and filling.

All equipment will have more or fewer problems during long-term use, and the same is true for explosion-proof filling machines. If explosion-proof equipment is not regularly re-tested for explosion-proof, it may lead to the reduction of the explosion-proof effect. Therefore, when choosing an explosion-proof canning machine, you must choose a manufacturer that can perform explosion-proof retesting, to ensure the safety of the machine.

When selecting explosion-proof filling equipment, the first thing to confirm is whether the manufacturer of the filling machine has the explosion-proof qualification certificate for the whole machine. Generally, manufacturers without such qualification certificates are best not to cooperate. The malicious competition in the market has led to many There are bad manufacturers, and some filling machines that do not meet the standards or do not have certain functions sold. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer of explosion-proof filling machines, you must check whether the manufacturer meets the national standard or international standard, and also Possess a certificate.

Instructions for use of explosion-proof filling machine

Inspection before use of the explosion-proof filling machine: After the machine is installed, turn on the power supply, test the three-phase motor, ensure the correct running direction, ensure the pressure and flow of compressed air, and check whether each motor, bearing, etc. need to be lubricated. After the oil is running, the machine can be started normally. At the same time, observe whether the fasteners of each part are loose. After the operation of each part is stable, it can be used normally.

Safety rules for using explosion-proof filling machines

1. There is no foreign matter (such as tools, rags, etc.) in the filling machine equipment;
2. The filling machine is not allowed to have abnormal noise (if there is, it should be stopped immediately and check the reason);
3. All protective objects should be safe and reliable, and it is strictly forbidden to wear foreign objects that may be caught by moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.);
4. Operators with long hair should wear a hair cover;
5. Do not clean the electrical unit with water and other liquids;
6. Wear work clothes, gloves, and eye protection tools when cleaning to prevent corrosion by strong acids and alkalis;
7. During operation, someone must monitor it, and not use tools or other objects to approach the machine;
8. Do not allow personnel unrelated to the operation to approach the equipment.

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Guidelines For Filling Machine

FRANLI is manufactured as a professional filling machine equipment, our filling machine can be filled from a minimum of 100g to a maximum of 250kg, and the filling dose can be adjusted by itself.

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