FPM Series Double Planetary Mixer: New & Efficient Mixing Equipment

Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is also called the double planetary power mixer, which is mainly composed of a main engine, a sealing cover, a mixing tank, a stirring paddle, and a dispersing component.The stirring paddle of the dispersing disc of the mixer realizes the planetary motion of both revolution and rotation, and its speed can be adjusted by the frequency converter. Make the material do complex movement, be strongly dispersed and extruded to ensure the material is fully dispersed and mixed. 

Details of Double Planetary Mixer

  • The common agitators include paddle type, twist type, claw type, and frame type.
  • good mixing, reaction, kneading, and dissolution functions.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

The double planetary mixer is mainly used for stirring, mixing, and dispersing between powder and liquid materials, and finally obtains a uniform slurry. Different stirring paddles can be selected according to different production processes and material characteristics.

Features of FPM series double planetary mixer

1. No dust, energy saving, and environmental protection, no dust in feeding;
2. High uniformity, uniform mixing, no dead angle;
3. Simple and convenient operation;
4. Simple structure and easy maintenance;
5. No increase of magnetic foreign matter;
6. High precision, equipped with high precision batching system, high precision.

FPM series double planetary mixer is a new type of high-efficiency mixing and stirring equipment. Its dispersing disc and stirring paddle mainly revolve around the axis of the kettle body to achieve revolution and at the same time rotate around its axis, so that the materials in the kettle are subjected to the strong force. Under the action of shearing and kneading, the material is fully dispersed and mixed without sedimentation. Through three-dimensional design and finite element analysis, FRANLI engineers combine the special shape design and reasonable space layout of the stirring paddle to fully mix the materials in the kettle.

FPM series double planetary mixer is an important mixing equipment developed to meet the needs of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, and factory laboratories. The double planetary mixer is composed of a low-speed agitator and a high-speed disperser, which has good mixing, stirring, reaction, dispersion, and dissolution effects, and is especially suitable for solid-liquid, liquid-liquid dispersion and mixing; due to its huge output torque, especially suitable for materials with high viscosity, such as solder paste, adhesive, automotive sealant, silica gel, lithium battery slurry, etc.; at the same time, the equipment also has the function of scraping the wall and bottom, ensuring that there are no dead ends and no dead ends during the operation of the entire equipment. residual.

The equipment is also equipped with a hydraulic extrusion pressing device and a sliding track, which can effectively realize the integrated operation of mixing and discharging. There are many types of stirring paddles, such as double twist paddles, multi-layer paddle paddles, door frame paddles, HV claw paddles, spiral paddles, etc.; in addition, ceramic materials (zirconia/ Tungsten carbide/Teflon, etc.) to reduce metal ion contamination.

FPM double planetary mixer

Materials with different viscosities and specific gravity and different mixing forms required by the production process can be selected according to actual needs. The double planetary mixer is composed of a reducer, a motor, a planetary box, an agitator, a wall scraper, a material barrel, a hydraulic lifting system and a control system, and a frame. The stirring paddle can add a scraper to wipe the bottom and wall of the barrel, to avoid the phenomenon of uneven stirring of the material caused by the dead angle left during the stirring process, which can ensure the stability of the product and improve the mixing efficiency. At the same time, it can also make the material achieve better results.

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Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

FRANLI is a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer. Our double planetary mixer is especially suitable for dissolving, mixing, kneading, and reacting from powder to high-viscosity and high-density materials. According to different viscosities and material characteristics, Choose the right stirring paddle, and provide supporting equipment and production lines for double planetary mixers.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

How to buy a double planet mixer?

This double planetary mixer can mix all types of viscosity of the material in no time. This double planetary mixer contains high-capacity blades that can work from 1 million centipoises to 8 million centipoises.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer For Sale

FRANLI double planetary mixer is a high-efficiency, multi-purpose, and no-dead angle mandatory mixing and dispersing equipment.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Electronic Slurry & Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixers are widely used, especially in the field of electronic slurry, whether it is stirring or mixing, the final output effect has been recognized by all walks of life.

Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer: Laboratory & Production

There are two types of double planetary mixers produced by FRANLI, which mainly involve two major application fields, one is laboratory research type, and the other is a factory production line

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Structural Adhesive Production Equipment & Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is one of the ideal types of equipment for low-viscosity materials. This facility has a low and fast mixing dispersing disc, which can complete the functions of high shear and dispersing low viscosity materials at the same time.

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