Double planetary mixer: high and low speed mixing evenly

Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is widely used in industries such as paint, medicine, cosmetics, sealant, paste food, emulsion, battery products, etc. It is one of the ideal pieces of equipment for the production of such products. In terms of the design structure and functional application of the double planetary mixer, it is a high-end product production equipment. The effect of the whole production process is good, and its function is powerful. Whether it is production efficiency or production effect, it can be highly evaluated by users. Relatively The price is also more expensive.

Details of Double Planetary Mixer

  • The common agitators include paddle type, twist type, claw type, and frame type.
  • good mixing, reaction, kneading, and dissolution functions.


inks, colorants, dyes, coatings, and other industries.

Double planetary mixers are generally equipped with low-speed stirring parts and high-speed dispersing parts. The low-speed stirring parts are driven by planetary gears. While the stirring paddles are revolving, they also rotate on their own, so that the materials move up and down and around, so that in a short period of time, you can achieve the user’s ideal mixing effect.

The high-speed dispersing part of the double planetary mixer revolves together with the planetary frame and rotates at high speed at the same time so that the material is subjected to strong shearing and dispersion mixing, and its effect is generally several times that of ordinary mixers. The dispersing parts of the double planetary mixer are mainly divided into a single dispersing shaft and a double dispersing shaft, which can be selected by customers according to their needs.

The two double-frame mixers of the double planetary mixer revolve and rotate at the same time in the barrel, which can realize vacuuming, heating, and cooling, and the speed can be adjusted according to the situation. Multiple mixing barrels, one machine can operate with multiple barrels, and it can also match the pressure. The feeding machine makes discharging more convenient.

FPM double planetary mixer

Advantages of double planetary mixer

1. Double planetary mixer is a new type of mixing equipment with excellent performance, high efficiency, and ease to clean and protected. The component switching valve of the equipment rotates around the axis when it rotates. The type of switching valve is selected according to the viscosity of the material and the characteristics of the processing technology.
2. There are many types of paddles in the double planetary mixer. The common types are leaf type, cannabis fancy, claw type, design, etc., which have excellent mixing, reflection, pre-molding, melting, and other functions, and quickly disperse the part It is composed of double-layer zigzag dispersing discs with high angular velocity, which is also running at high speed, and at the same time tightly rotates around the pivot, and the powder (modifier) is quickly dispersed into the slurry, making the double planet The mixer has a strong separation effect.
3. The double planetary mixer is equipped with a set of individual scrapers, which can continuously scrape the cylinder wall. At the same time, the mixing paddle can lift the scraper, including the bottom position of the scraper barrel, which is mainly to prevent the blind spot of mixing and ensure the reliability of the final material formation.
4. The transmission system of the double planetary mixer adopts a large planetary transmission gear, which has the characteristics of large output torque, and can be used in low-viscosity industrial and mining enterprises such as high temperature, high solid content, and low viscosity. The double planetary mixer adopts a closed design and can cooperate with the ultrafiltration device to complete the vacuum pump mixing. Its mixing barrel can be designed with a rubber pad for heating, a mold temperature meter, and a temperature-controlled mixing function. It is an ideal mixing equipment for raw materials with low viscosity and high solid content on the market.

When using the planetary mixer, the user can clearly feel the speed at which the equipment can efficiently complete the entire processing process, and during the use of the equipment, the user does not have to worry about leaving any dead corners for operation, and there will be no residue when the processing is finished. As long as the staff puts in the materials according to a certain proportion and type, it can ensure that the materials can achieve a fully mixed processing effect. The equipment also effectively improves work efficiency because of the selection of advanced production technology. Therefore, in the process of using the equipment Among them, the double planetary mixer is generally not prone to failure problems, which can also reduce the application cost for the manufacturer.

As a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer, FRANLI provides a complete set of mature equipment for related machines and production lines for more than 60 countries and thousands of industries in the world, and in Russia, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other regions, for Many enterprises have established related production lines.

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Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

FRANLI is a professional double planetary mixer manufacturer. Our double planetary mixer is especially suitable for dissolving, mixing, kneading, and reacting from powder to high-viscosity and high-density materials. According to different viscosities and material characteristics, Choose the right stirring paddle, and provide supporting equipment and production lines for double planetary mixers.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

How to buy a double planet mixer?

This double planetary mixer can mix all types of viscosity of the material in no time. This double planetary mixer contains high-capacity blades that can work from 1 million centipoises to 8 million centipoises.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer For Sale

FRANLI double planetary mixer is a high-efficiency, multi-purpose, and no-dead angle mandatory mixing and dispersing equipment.

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Electronic Slurry & Double Planetary Mixer

Double planetary mixers are widely used, especially in the field of electronic slurry, whether it is stirring or mixing, the final output effect has been recognized by all walks of life.

Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Double Planetary Mixer: Laboratory & Production

There are two types of double planetary mixers produced by FRANLI, which mainly involve two major application fields, one is laboratory research type, and the other is a factory production line

Double Planetary Mixer
Guidelines For Double Planetary Mixer

Structural Adhesive Production Equipment & Double Planetary Mixer

The double planetary mixer is one of the ideal types of equipment for low-viscosity materials. This facility has a low and fast mixing dispersing disc, which can complete the functions of high shear and dispersing low viscosity materials at the same time.

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