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Static mixer is a kind of high-efficiency mixing equipment without moving parts. Its basic working mechanism is to use the mixing unit fixed in the tube to change the flow state of the fluid in the tube, so as to achieve the purpose of good dispersion and sufficient mixing between different fluids. The device is widely used and cannot be disassembled.
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Static mixers are widely used in plastics, chemicals, medicine, mining and metallurgy, food, daily chemicals, pesticides, cables, petroleum, paper, chemical fiber, biology, environmental protection, and other industries. The static mixer is advanced unit equipment. Unlike the agitator, it has no moving parts inside. It mainly uses the fluid flow and internal units to realize the mixing of various flows and the rationality of the special design of the structure. Compared with other equipment such as orifice columns, venturi, stirrers, homogenizers, etc., a static mixer has high efficiency, low energy consumption, small volume, low investment, and easy continuous production.

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Static Mixer Tube
The mixing process of the static mixer tube is carried out by a series of mixing units of different specifications installed in the hollow pipe. Due to the action of the mixing unit, the fluid sometimes rotates left and right.
Inline Static Mixer
The Inline static mixer is high-efficiency mixing equipment with no moving parts. Its basic working mechanism is to use the mixing unit body fixed in the tube to change the flow state of the fluid in the tube to achieve good dispersion

Guidelines For Static Mixer

The static mixer mainly uses the fluid flow in the pipeline to impact various types of plate elements, increasing the velocity gradient of the fluid laminar motion or forming turbulent flow. In laminar flow, it is “split-position movement-reconvergence”. In turbulent flow, the fluid is in addition to the above In addition to the three cases, a violent vortex will be generated in the direction of the cross-section, and a strong shear force will act on the fluid, which will further divide and mix the fluid, and finally mix to form the desired emulsion.
The static mixer has no moving parts. which a series mixer with special functions. Static mixer can be easily installed in new or existing pipelines, but spend few costs for the installation and operation. As the static mixer has no moving parts, which is not easy to be worn, and it has no troubles during use and does not require maintenance, so it has a long service life. The design of the static mixer provides extremely accurate, low-pressure drop mixing results for solid or gas mixing. Static mixers are not often limited by viscosity. Its application industries include chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, plastic, daily chemicals, mining and metallurgy, papermaking, chemical fiber, cable, biology, environmental protection, etc.
Inline Static Mixer​
Guidelines For Static Mixer

Inline Static Mixers: A Comprehensive Product Overview

Inline static mixers are the best devices that provide efficient and cost-effective mixing solutions for various industrial applications. These motionless mixers are designed to blend fluids within a pipeline without the need for moving parts or external power sources.

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Inline Static Mixer​
Guidelines For Static Mixer

Static Mixer: The Solution for Efficient Mixing

A static mixer is a device that uses stationary blades or elements to mix fluids or gases. Unlike traditional mixers, static mixers do not have moving parts, such as agitators or impellers. Instead, they rely on the geometry and placement of the mixing elements to create turbulence and promote mixing. Static mixers come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the application and flow rate.

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