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Sand Mill

A sand mill, also known as a bead mill, is mainly used for the wet grinding of chemical liquid products. It can be generally divided into a horizontal sand mill, basket-type sand mill, vertical sand mill, etc. according to the service performance. It is mainly composed of the machine body, grinding cylinder, grinding disc (lever), grinding medium, motor, and feed pump. The speed of feeding is controlled by the feed pump. The grinding medium of the equipment is generally divided into zirconia beads, glass beads, zirconium silicate beads, etc.

Application: Paint, Adhesive, Battery, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetic

At present, the sand mill is a grinding equipment with wide material adaptability, strong durability, and high efficiency. Its grinding chamber is particularly narrow, but the clearance of the lever is very small, and the grinding energy is intensive. With a high-performance cooling system and automatic control system, it can realize continuous processing and continuous discharge of materials, which improves production efficiency.

The sand mill adopts an eccentric disc grinding structure and is arranged in order. This system overcomes the shortcomings of uneven distribution of grinding media in traditional grinding machines so that the grinding media can get large energy transmission, and the grinding efficiency is high. The mechanical seal with double-end face forced cooling is adopted, which has a good sealing effect and reliable operation.

The separation system of the sand mill adopts a large flow LDC dynamic grid slot separator, which will not block the discharge port under the large flow condition. The overflow area is up to, the gap range is 0.05-2.0mm, and the grinding medium above 0.1mm can be used. The horizontal sand mill adopts the closed design of an eccentric disc grinding chamber, and the grinding discs are installed on the mixing shaft to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional horizontal sand mill, such as uneven distribution of grinding media and poor particle size distribution after grinding.

sand mill

The material enters the grinding chamber under the action of the feed pump. The inlet is designed at one end of the drive connecting the flange. The direction of the material flow and the direction of the mechanical bearing is toward the reverse bottom, which greatly reduces the bearing pressure of the mechanical seal and extends its service life.

In the high-speed operation of the eccentric disc of the mixing shaft of the sand mill, the mixture of materials and grinding media moves relatively. As a result, the solid particles of materials are effectively dispersed, sheared, and ground and the products are obtained after passing through the dynamic large flow rotor gap separation filter. Depending on the product grinding process, the independent batch cycle grinding and series grinding process can be used.

Horizontal sand mill

The rotor of sand mill

The rotating speed of the rotor is an important factor affecting the grinding efficiency. In a horizontal grinder, the diameter of the medium ball, the rotating speed of the rotor, and the time are related. Generally, the grinding time is inversely proportional to the speed of the rotor. The higher the rotating speed of the rotor, the shorter the grinding time required. Therefore, to improve the efficiency, it is necessary to increase the speed, but if the speed is too high, it will cause excessive energy consumption. In this case, the grinding equipment will shake. On the other hand, if you want to obtain a higher speed, the requirements for the rotating shaft will be higher, and the cost will rise accordingly.

At the same time, in the general sand mill, the increase in the rotating speed will lead to the increase in the speed of the medium, which will cause the medium to adhere to the wall of the grinding barrel, reducing the impact on the grinding particles, which is unfavorable for grinding. Therefore, it is necessary to select an appropriate value for the rotor speed to ensure that the medium can fully grind the material particles.

In addition, the temperature is also an important reason for affecting the speed. Because the speed is too high, it will cause the temperature in the grinding barrel to rise, and the temperature rise will have an impact on the particles, which is unfavorable for obtaining better particles. The high temperature will cause particle molecular aggregation.

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Guidelines For Sand Mill

The sand mill mainly uses friction, shearing, and collision as effective grinding methods. It is one of the grinding equipment currently applicable to a wide range of material particle sizes and has high grinding efficiency. The energy density per unit volume is large. The control system can complete the continuous grinding and continuous discharging of the slurry, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the sand mill. It has the advantages of high energy density, fine product granularity, small environmental pollution, simple equipment structure, and convenient maintenance.

Vertical bead Mill(sand mill)
Guidelines For Sand Mill

Instructions for use of vertical sand mill

The vertical sand mill is a nano-sand mill whose grinding cylinder adopts a suspended structure, raw materials enter from the bottom and discharge from the top.

horizontal sand mills
Guidelines For Sand Mill

How to choose the right vertical sand mill & horizontal sand mill?

Vertical sand mills and horizontal sand mills are commonly used equipment for grinding in paint, coating, ink, and other industries. They all rely on the high-speed rotation between the grinding medium and the material for grinding work.

Bead mill for cosmetics
Guidelines For Sand Mill

How to deal with the problem of sand mill?

The sand grinding machine, also known as the pearl grinding machine, is used to grind the paint of the pigment with hard wear -resistant beads, glass balls, etc. in a closed cavity.

Bead mill for cosmetics
Guidelines For Sand Mill

How to choose a sand mill for paint?

Sand mills are mainly used in industrial fields such as paint coatings, cosmetics, food, daily chemicals, dyes, inks, pharmaceuticals, magnetic recording materials, ferrites, photosensitive films, oxide ceramics, and new energy.

horizontal sand mills
Guidelines For Sand Mill

Grinding media for sand mills

Sand mill is a kind of high-efficiency grinding equipment, which is mainly used for grinding materials, and the particle size of the final grinding can reach the nanometer level.

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